President Trump, Mitch Mcconnell And Hal Balk discussed on Michael Brown


Let's talk Thursday morning starting at six here on six thirty K Hal balk. Fox news. I'm rich Denison. President Trump today announcing the withdrawal of all two thousand American troops in Syria and declaring victory over ISIS. We've beaten them and we've beaten a badly we've taken back the land. And now it's time for our troops to come back home. A number of Republican lawmakers criticizing the president's move, many calling his actions rash and dangerous. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he'll call for a vote on a short-term spending plan funding the government through the eighth of February averting a partial shutdown Friday night, we need the government to remain open for the American people need to rob our work for this year. President Trump has demanded five billion dollars to fund his border wall. But couldn't get enough support in the Republican controlled congress. The Federal Reserve today raising interest rates again announcing plans to keep raising them next year..

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