Best holiday gifts for under $100


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Best holiday gifts under one hundred dollars, Roku streaming stick. Plus seen at rating five stars out of five the good. The Roku delivers four K. An HD are video in a compact package for an affordable price. It's dead. Simple. Interface puts every streaming service on a level. Playing field Roku has more four K HD are apps and better search than competitors. It's response as our lightning fast. It's video quality as good as any streamer and the remote can control TV volume in power the bad. The menus can seem dated compared with rivals and some old school layouts voice. Search and control is worse than some competitors. The cost forty nine dollars to seventy dollars the bottom line with its simple, design and focus on useful. Features Roku is the streamer to get Amazon kindle paper white sea nut rating, four point five stars out of five the good ten percents. Slimmer lighter and more durable with full waterproofing. Text is slightly sharper. And better lit be storage is bumped from four GB to eight GB. It includes bluetooth audio for audiobooks. Minor updates enhance Amazon's already best in class reader experience the bad a little more expensive than the previous model. The adver Shen cost twenty dollars. More the cost one hundred dollars the bottom line while it costs a little more than the previous model and doesn't look much different. It is more durable. Fully Dunkel, and ultimately, nice, upgrade, Nintendo. SNES classic c net rating. Four stars out of five the good the SNES. Classic addition provides a pixel perfect super Nintendo experience by packing in twenty one games and to authenticate SNES game pads with longer cords games can be paused rewound and saved the bad. There's no way to back out into the game selection menu without hitting the reset button. The controllers aren't wireless the cost eighty dollars to ninety dollars the bottom line? The SNES classic is a nearly perfect retro console. That's a slam dunk recommendation for everyone. Bose soundlink micro see net rating four stars out of five the good. The micro is a pocket-sized bluetooth speaker that is able to play louder and produce richer and louder sound than competing micro wireless speakers. It's fully waterproof has a built in microphone for speaker phone calls, plus an integrated strap for clipping the speaker onto a bag or other objects the bad battery life is only average bigger portable. Speakers will deliver similar or better sound for the same money or less the cost eighty dollars the bottom line, the well built and travel friendly. Bose soundlink micro is the best sounding speaker in its tiny size class the following scene at staff members contributed to this report. Jeff back ler, David karnal. David katz. Meyer, and Laura k Kuku for more reviews of personal technology products. Visit WWW dot c net dot com.

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