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Promo code w TK. Here's Fred in Ferndale. I'm a patriot. I read. John. The Democrats Ron Biden and Bago two guys. I'll have to bring in the all man park town party. John bainer and George Hamilton. They'll win for sure 'cause they're half white and half town. Something is missing in this for me. You know, don't worry about that later in New York because they spent twenty five million you're trying to find something on Trump. They won't find anything on Trump and his family and his friends, and even if they do Donald Trump always comes out smell like a rose. And he's pretty Cantu. He does have a nice golfers. Dan. That's for sure Fred thank you for the call merry Christmas. And we'll talk again soon. You know, it's it's interesting. The number of people that come up with differing ideas. And he later in the program wish we had more time to get to them. Thanks to Tiffany little for handling. Duties on the other side of the smoke glass along with Marcus burns. And thanks to you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for calling. I'm John McCullough until we talk again tomorrow afternoon at six will you please? As good a night as you can..

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