Why Is Holly a Christmas Decoration?



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Hey, brain stuff, I'm more in Vogel bomb and during the Christmas season, Holly adorns houses, all over the world, the prickly green plant, and it's red berries, whether real or crafted from plastic are popular ornament for anyone wanting to make their space a little more festive. But where did this tradition begin? Why do we deck our halls with boughs of Holly every December? What does Holly represent in the celebration of Christmas despite its association with the Christmas season? Holly did not get its name from wholly the name of the plant is very similar across both traumatic and Latin languages and its origin is probably the proto Indo European root word Cal, which appropriately means prickly or to prick a proto Indo European being the ancient base language of all Indo, European languages even in ancient times. People took advantage of the sharp ends of hollies leaves druids hung it on windows and doorways to fend off evil, which is spirits before. Holly was hung in houses to accompany Christmas trees, it was considered to be a sacred plant by the. Druids well, other plants wilted in winter weather, Holly remained green and strong. It's buries a brightly colored red in the harshest of conditions. The druids regarded Holly as a symbol of fertility. Eternal life thought to have magical powers in Riddick. Lor cutting down a Holly tree would bring bad luck. In contrast hanging. The plate in homes was believed to bring good luck and protection. Holly was also thought to protect homes against lightning strikes Romans associated Hollywood Saturn. The God of agriculture and harvest and duct the halls with its bows. During the festival of saturnalia early Christian calendars, Mark Christmas Eve as template exhorted her meaning churches are decked though, supposedly saturnalia celebrators didn't allow some Christians to hang bows and honor of Christmas Christians adopted, the Holly tradition from druid Celtic and Roman traditions and its symbolism changed to reflect Christian beliefs today. Christians may consider highly symbolic of Jesus Christ in two ways, the red berries, represent the blood that Jesus shed on the cross on the day. He was crucified. Legend states that Holly berries were originally white. But that the blood Christ shed for the sins of humankind stained the berries, forever, red hollies pointed leaves symbolized the crown of thorns placed on Jesus's head before he died on that cross. Holly is known as Christ Dohrn in German, meaning Christ Owen, both of these symbols are meant to serve as a reminder to Christians of Jesus suffering. But they aren't the only stories tying Holly to Jesus one claims that the cross on which Jesus was crucified was constructed of Hollywood. Another says that Holly sprang up from his footsteps less. Common symbolism includes the hollies white blossoms, representing purity. And the idea that if the Holly used decorate a home for Christmas as prickly. The man of the house will rule for the coming year. But if the whole used is smooth the woman will rule traditionally Holly has been associated specifically with men for whom it was considered to bring good luck and protection, the female counterpart to Holly being Ivy. But let's take a closer look at the science behind this legendary plant Holly botanical name, Alex Aquaphor. Liam is a shrub or tree found primarily in North America Europe and Asia with hundreds of species of the plant ranging from short shrubs, two meters, high or about six feet tall trees up to forty meters high or about one hundred and thirty feet, it's known primarily for its bright crimson, berries, and prickly. Green leaves holies can be evergreen, meaning the plants glossy leaves are on the tree year round or deciduous. Meaning the leaves fall off seasonally white flowers bloom in may or June and with help from insects like bees, the female flowers produced those characteristic berries. Like its holiday companion mistletoe hollies berries are toxic to humans resulting in nausea and severe stomach aches when ingested not. So for some animals, though, berries are a vital source of food for birds such rushes and blackbirds. Although the scarlet berries are famously prominent in homes for the holiday season, they're not the only useful part of hollies, the berries are poisonous. But the green leaves have been used in herbal remedies for centuries for various medical conditions like dizziness fever anti tension, though. There's currently little medical proof of the plan's effectiveness. Also Hollywood is hard and compact making it excellent for carving. It's sometimes use to make chess pieces and walking sticks. If you have a passion for Holly three hundred and sixty five days of the year, the mission of the New Jersey-based Holly society of America is to stimulate interest promote research and collect and disseminate information about the genus Illex members can join a local chapter find out where to get the best Christmas Holly and gaze upon the Holly of the year. As voted on by the HSA board of trustees. Today's episode was written by Sam Abramson and produced by Tyler clang for more on this and lots of other festive topics. Visit our home planet. How stuff works dot com. Hello. My name is Kevin Pollack. Yes. The award winning funny fellow from that film. 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