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The shutdowns first day long a wrestling match. I'm Evan Haning. There's little Christmas cheer in Washington. President Trump won't budge on his demand for five point seven billion dollars in border wall funds Senate adjourns until December twenty seventh. President Trump tweets matter of factly. It's hard to imagine. That his attitude about the partial government shutdown stalemate putting his demand for more border wolf funding against Senate Democrats reluctance to give him the dollars. Correspondent Bob Costantini. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says Trump's claim that Democrats don't support border security are not true Schumer says all proposals Democrats have made contain over a billion dollars in new border security money. And the Trump administration has barely even spent any of the border security money from last year. So the Trump shutdown is an over border security. It's because President Trump is demanding billions of dollars for an expensive ineffective wall that the majority of Americans don't support on Friday. The supreme court gave Trump a temporary defeat by upholding a federal judges order blocking Trump's new asylum restrictions, and there's more opposition to the president's announcement that he was pulling American troops out of Syria. Brett mcgurk the US on to the international coalition fighting the Islamic state has resigned in protest viral video of a wrestler's hair being shorn at a competition has triggered an investigation in New Jersey. The incident involved an African American Buena Vista high school varsity wrestler who was told by a referee that he had to have his dreadlocks cut off or he would forfeit the match. School officials say that they've been told that the referee question here will not be officiating Eddie matches at the Buena regional school district in New Jersey until his actions are reviewed the New Jersey attorney general civil rights division says that it is now looking into the possibility of bias being a factor in this incident. Correspondent polo Sandovol. The student won his match. I'm Evan Haning. Now, what's trendy on WBZ AP, NWEA dot com. Can't jeffrey. From the twenty four seven news desk. A Dallas police officer trainee has.

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