Kellen Moore Holds Key to Jason Garrett's Future


For a lot of Cowboys fans. Hell will freeze over when Jason Garrett no longer has a job. And at the moment, he does not have an extension segue. He does not have an extension to be the Cowboys coach beyond next season. And there this is a real weird way of of things working today. They made an announcement. You don't get a contract extension. Why would you announce that we're not extending him because he got a call from Mark Cuban? And they said, hey, we're about to make this blockbuster deal. And he goes oh good people won't keep asking me about Jason Garrett. So I'm gonna go ahead and release this. So tell me when the trades going to happen. And I'm going to news dump it, right? Then like, you always see like politicians do this and the Friday evening news downpour when they hope nobody's paying attention. And so they tried to slip it into the Kristof trade, and they're like, oh, by the way or yes. So base. The news early today. I think it was around noon, we got the Kellen more news and the Cowboys relied Kellen Moore will be the offensive coordinator. And he will call the plays for the Dallas Cowboys. And then you're right around later in the day no contract extension for Jason get right now. Here's one of the things, and I wanna talk about Kellyanne more a little bit. And how he's going to help Dak. Maybe give Dak a different perspective on the way. They should go about things deck loves him. Dak said he's a super genius on when it comes to being creative with plays. You called them that this morning was Sean and RJ. I like that. That's a lot of superlative. I I don't know. That's not in that order. But it was one of the gene young genius FINA. Arms is what he threw out there. And that's that's great. I love hearing that from Dak I I am very interested to know how they are are planning to expand on what is already learned what that can do. And what that should be doing in the future. I'm interested to know more about that. And maybe we can talk about that. And a lot of a lot of Cowboys fans are gonna say, Nope. Not gonna work. Nope. No chance now going gonna work killing more stupid. I can't see he's a he's terrible. And then Dax no good there. That's what a lot of Cowboys fans feel and there's nothing that can change their mind until next season. And so there's going to be a lot of bait about it beyond that. Now, one of the reasons I think. He got the position is the Jason Garrett does not have an extension. Jason Garrett is going into his final season. And a lot of times you see a lame duck coach. Yup. And when that happens teams, give up coaches come in his last chance efforts to hey, we're gonna I'm gonna bring in this guy bringing this guy. Why didn't they go out and bring in the greatest football mine to help Garrett in this last possible effort in telling more Jason Jason Garrett. You're right. He's the one do I get told. How smart he is? He's the wonder can when it comes to football. And I think though Jason Garrett has had a lot of say on his coaching staff. Think Jason Garrett is that was one of the things that he was like, I don't want to get caught in this whole like you hire my assistance before I before I get hired thing. Like he did with Wade, right? He was like I wanna be able to have control that. And I think that's one of the things he actually has control of. I mean, he fired Paul Alexander. And he. He was recruiting Hudson hawk to come back. And hey, we gotta work on this offense of line while we're at it. I'm moving I'm elevating Marc Colombo. So how how yes Hudson? How terrible Bruce Willis move. It wasn't terrible. I've seen more than ten times hands. All right. So yes, India McDowell is gorgeous. But in but in this whole situation you've seen him make things and even Jerry yesterday said Jason is going to have an announcement very soon. When I when he said that he didn't say I'm going to have an announcement, very soon. He didn't say the Cowboys are going to have an announcement very soon. He said Jason because Jason's the one making the decisions on his coaching staff, and you saw the video you saw the weird video clip of Jason standing there staring at Kellen Moore while he was talking to Russell Wilson right behind. Russell wilson. Russell Wilson steps out. And Jason just staring at him. Like. Yeah. That's what I want you to do. I want you to say those things. So he got a really good. Glimpse of offense coordinator Kellen Moore. But I think the other thing is killing Moore's not a threat. There would be nothing worse than Jason GARRETT'S last year approving look I can coach this team and having some outside force that he brings in that says. You know, we're not that good. There's still a chance I could keep the job. I could be the interim coach mid season if our offense just isn't clicking. And then, you know, he's gone. I get my chance to prove that I could be the head coach you go out and get a veteran offensive coordinator. There's a chance that happens easy. I got bad news for him that threats already there. It's just on the other side of the coach he thinks Chris Rashard. Yeah. And that's fine. It's even better to not have another threat. Right. You're not have some what I think is going to happen. And I think he looks at killing more and says, okay. This is my chance to start my coaching tree. Scotland a hand wasn't going to be part of a coaching tree. Hey, this is a chance to grow somebody, and I can grow this guy can grow Marc Colombo. I can grow these this this offense of side of the ball. And I can be the guy that did that or he's going to be gone. And I think that more is not a threat to him. So he just says, okay, I'm gonna you're gonna do everything. I ask you to do. I will have control over you and your offense, and we will have good input together. But I'll have control over what you do. It's not going to be taken away from me. And that's the way I see. That's the reason that Kellen Moore is the offense coordinator of this team. And look at what his how quickly evolved for him. This is nobody does this. Nobody goes from broken ankle to backup quarterback. Broken ankle loses job to Dak to backup quarter. Back to quarterbacks coach to offense coordinator as quickly as he did. Nobody does this. Can I ask you a question is it at all possible that had nothing to do with Garrett? And it's going down like this. Because that's what the people who really made the decision decided. I don't think. So man, I think Garrett I think Garrett made this decision. Okay. I really do. And I think it's because one of the things you look at Scotland hand why did he have the job because Garrett new his offense new his tendencies and said I want that as my offense. And if you bring something else in it's something that's completely different that has nothing to do with what gear at once. And I think in Kellen Moore is a guy that will still work within the the structure of what Jason gear at once. And I really do think that they gave him a lot of power on who they brought in who they bring in for these positions because. They had somebody else in mind for the offense of the offensive line position didn't work out, and they had panicked and go do that. I mean, even even said that he had a lot of power whenever it came to Chris Rashard and bring him in that he was kind the last the last call on that. And obviously Jerry approves it at the end of the day. But he was kind of the last one and said, yes, this is the one I want, okay. And Marinelli being around as long as he has to has been a guy that he's always wanted around. I what Cory most me doesn't want. What you're saying to be exactly what's going on? In part of me thinks that. You're obviously, you've got a good theory running here and seeing some of the evidence that that's dropped off as kind of laid the seed for this to be what is actually happening. I just go back to when Jason Garrett was on with Sean and RJ, and they asked him what all was going is everybody safe. And is there do you see any changes in his immediate answer was no, I don't remember what I said. And then he had to get his then he had to get his mind changed by upper management. The no, no there's gonna be stuff that's going to happen. And I also think that they knew exactly what they had in Kellen more. Now, we're the we know it or not or whatever's going to happen if they're right. I have no idea, but you go back to when he was doing his quarterback training when he was about to be drafted. And he started explaining what you needed to have happened was basically the same ideas that we see from McVeigh as far as you need to show them a lot of things. But do what you need what you do. And you you you use an offense that has some smoke and mirrors and the ability to move players were you want them. So you can get the best match ups for your players and us what your players can be right. That's a great offense of scheme. That's a great offense a theory. Now, he's able to do that. I think they're putting this in place because I think Jerry Jones wants to see Garrett when I think Jerry Jones wants to be. Proven. Right, adjacent -solutely. Then what he's noticed is that Jason Garrett style of offense is doing it with what they have currently here and he wants to change and he saw a change available

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