Yumbi a ghost city following DR Congo inter-communal violence

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This is fucking Menendez for UN news, you'd be in the western Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC we sample so go city in the aftermath of days long massacred last month, which left at least five hundred thirty five victims discovered by you when investigators in communal burial sites. That's according to Florence Marshall spokesperson for the UN mission in the country Manisco in an interview with UN news on Wednesday. She described how the brutal inter-ethnic killings were carried out in a very organized manner with many houses and public buildings. Also this -joyed during the violence between new and but Sunday community members that was sparked by a dispute over a local chiefs borough. She told us calcium, but although the area is now calm conditions remained tense and much of the local population has fled across the Congo. River into neighboring Republic of the Congo. Between sixteen and eighteen some last June two thousand eighteen and you'll be district for villages where attach it was. There was only a for I- tension between two communities, but in the in the new living in our area, we should located west tunnel after of further Democratic Republic of the Congo in denial nine only province along the Congo river. So it was a vitamin plus it aq- between two communities during three days between the sixteen and eighteen of December. And it's resenting the cheating for hundreds of people and last month your face of the U N High Commissioner for human rights reported that eight hundred nine hundred people were killing these clashes. Do we have more precise figures on the number of people killed in wondered in this clashes? Yes, you win. In teaming and just what's on from an investigating mission in they spend nine in in other to investigates on visa allegation of interacting violence, and according to the print, Lena re report the attack and violence resulted in the death of cheese five hundred and forty five men women and children and one hundred eleven injured we could have no victims, but in nine hundred it was what they were able to to work on and to enter document in. I would say they ever own missile g again, the death toll could be are your van when vase, but at least five hundred forty five people, and we have any information about who committed these crimes have this killings being. Imitated or organized again curving through the investigation of the human rights in the the attack well organize and conduct in a very organized manner and were most likely plan, and we have even elements, but indicate that the planning study at least at the beginning of the nuns of Sumba, maybe even before and the attacks were extremely violent and fast leaving little trying. So the corporation for free. So it's an what was the tweeter was developed y'all of one of the shift, which you name, and that was supposed to take place in new meaning and community. Against the girl and flows freely. The tweeter of the divine dance between the two communities. You went to be less Friday. And what could you tell us about the state of the city and population who remained there? It's very much filling because it's it's really nice Augusta pity. We ever the commended almost one thousand hours of been destroyed so focusing shelties seven schools five and cental, the editor Holly commission building was Detroit. And you know, it's maybe we recruit Vic with meat. I would say one hundred people maybe three hundred people, and and that's no more because all people fled the own and most of van crossed the border and the in the two one to find shelter. On the other side of the Congo river in Congo Brazzaville, do the current condition alo- a return of the population. In the pubic territory, it's what's really focusing on. The concrete security foster has been betrayal underground both prison yards. Of course, they have the primary responsibility for the security of of the tone situation is can at the moment. But it's. My tense, but what needs to be done it. I want to take some major tool to promote the reconciliation between the communities and to and to rebuild the sit-in in front of the and with Kuhn's seventeenth crews were destroyed, and when we were in less wider, keep on told us, okay that one really now symbolic just a an would be to contribute to the building of a new Skoula as soon as possible in more to enable the children from both communities to go back to cooling fat as we speak condition. I'm not in place for so going back to a normal life. And unfortunately, it will take time on the under Justice. Would it be an involuntary -ment of of the reconciliation program? And because it's this should be no impunity toward to the only crime.

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