Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, Resigns in Rebuke of Trump’s Worldview


Nomination for the joint. Chiefs of staff job at being vetoed. Effectively. He'd been frozen. Out. But it seems like yesterday's surprising decision from the president to withdraw the remaining troops in Syria. Really was the final straw for him. Although he hasn't directly stated that in his letter. But this is a strongly worded resignation letter that talks about America's strength through a comprehensive system of global alliances and partnerships, the importance of maintaining international relationships and respecting allies. And I think it's clear from this letter that James Mattis feels that the president Donald Trump's America first foreign policy rolling back on some international agreements, criticizing international organizations and putting in doubt some of those relationships with allies with something he just wasn't willing to tolerate any longer. He's a former military man, a Marine Corps general who spent his career working through these coalitions internationally to secure America's influence in the world. He obviously feels that. He can no longer stand by the president with that. And what has President Trump said about General Mattis? This decision while he the president tweeted first announcing the gym Mattis would be retiring he said at the end of February and thanking him for his service. So no criticism from the president, but he has called into question Jim Mattis's judgment before. And I think we could see the relationship deteriorating. Now, the president has said that he's looking for a replacement and expects to make an announcement next week of who will take over a secretary of defense. But he said something similar when his chief of staff left. Also when he was looking for a new attorney general we have acting positions filling both of those roles at the minute. So this is another job at the top of the administration that needs to be found. Someone new to take on it looks like it's getting increasingly difficult for the president to find the right people to surround him. And Jim Mattis has made clear in his letter that he simply couldn't carry on working for someone whose views he wasn't that closely aligned with any longer. And meanwhile politicians are scrambling. Travolta, partial federal government shutdown tells more about this. Yes, there is legislative deadlock in the United States. They have to approve a new budget effectively to fund government services over the next few months. Donald Trump says he won't approve a budget that doesn't include money for his wall. The Senate will not approve money for the wall. It looks like that's going to be a sticking point. And it looks like we are going to have a government shutdown from tomorrow night. Ten johnson. The head of chillers. Police force has been told to stand down by presidents have a Pieta amid growing pressure over the death of an indigenous man five weeks ago. Gummy look at the Janka. The grandson of Emma Pooja indigenous leader was shot in the head as he drove a tractor in the southern province of out Ganea. I asked her America's editor Leonardo Russia for the background to the case Camila cutter. Janka was a was a young man living in the southern province of federal Canea his pool change agents, and he was driving a tractor. When he was released was. Carrying out an operation there against a local gang of car thieves and accidentally shot in the head and died instantly. But because of all the history there is in the area with them approaching data fighting for the rise. They complain against the presence of farmers and big companies a campaign that's been going on for for many many years that just sparked protests across the country with many people saying this is enough. The police has made a mistake here. And why is the police chief being targeted? What happened is initially. The police said they were acting in self defense which implied that Tammy look at the young had any moment, which he didn't. And then they said they didn't have any footage of the Gulf the incident, but the police there the carabineers they normally go with body cams body cameras on them and all the pictures in the Chilean media showed there were policemen with cameras and earlier this week to visas were published. Showing how the operation was carried out how it developed in proving that this man was killed didn't have he was an armed. He was holding a gun. So that created a big problem for presence in yet? Who was in a way supporting the police in this case, but he's changed position. Typically, he changed. He was very critical. He said a small group of policemen had betrayed designed the police, and they they will be excluded. But he didn't refer specifically to the police chief in those terms he said, they should go because the police chief and ten all the commanders because it's time for new leadership. So that happened under there is under the guidance, and they shouldn't be happening and that will see now what what's going to happen. But it's a militarized police in Chile the many accounts in many critics of much criticism about the police held riot police act and the indigenous the perception of agents and approaches that they are unfairly targeted Russia. Now Neil has some other stories from our news desk lawmakers in Denmark have approved plans to banish foreign criminals to a tiny offshore island. The change would affect to a hundred people who have completed their sentences, but cannot be sent home because they would be at risk of torture or execution in their countries under the plan, the released former criminals would be allowed to leave the island during the day. But it needs to report their whereabouts to police and returned Lind home every night. Britain's Jeep of defense staffs are gen generals. Sir. Nncholas Carter has said he believes the US remains committed to the international mission in Afghanistan reports overnight suggest the Trump administration is considering plans for a significant drawdown of forces in the country the general described the current security situation in Afghanistan is fragile. Here's our security correspondent, Frank Gardner, Syria and Afganistan are two very different missions said general nNcholas. Carter. He admitted that Afghan security forces were suffering worryingly, high casualties from the ongoing insurgency, but said there were signs some Taliban were growing weary of fighting. And I wanted peace. Donald Carter said British lives have been lost in vain enough ghanistan. The west could not afford to take its attention of the presence of ISIS them. He blamed a lack of education and opportunity for the group having gained a foothold. There was no evidence that he said if any attacks being planned on the west from Afghanistan. The government of president macro and FRANZ has bowed to police demands for a salary increase and payment for decades of unpaid overtime after officers staged nationwide protests. The deal comes after police were deployed in large numbers to try and control five weekends of often, violent demonstrations by yellow vest activists. Thanks, neil. A major search is underway at the UK second busiest airport for the operators of one or more drones which have forced the authorities to ground hundreds of flights since the devices first appeared on Wednesday evening at London's Gatwick airport one hundred and twenty thousand passengers have been left stranded authorities at the airport say they're now attempting to reintroduce a limited number of flights over the coming hours. The passengers are still being advised to check with their airline before travelling to the airport. Our correspondent chichi Zindel who's at Gatwick airport gave us this update is festival trying to actually spot the drone in enough time. To disarm think about that our police here who are frantically searching for the straight twenty police units from different police as a trying to locate the drone the public being is quite a large airfield every time it goes up. It disappears Justice quickly. They still don't the make all the models. So they can't use the technology that has been pulled into a number of trains that means that they can remotely disable it from where this operating it. And therefore, they call finds the person he's operating it. So this is the main and a huge problem to the police they had called in the army and gains their assistance to try and locate it, they say there's been continued sighting of Adrian they said so far they have had fifty reports of Jane sightings in and around the airfield Gatwick says the runway remains closed because of they sightings passengers due to travel to check the status with our airlines, and they said, no. Not come to get weak airports unless that flight has been confirmed. Gatewaycc have also called it additional staff across the apple to try and help people that had been stranded hair, and they stopped themselves.

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