Ford recalls nearly 900,000 F-150 pickups after fires


Have been suspended again again at London's Gatwick airport after reports that another drone has been spotted in restricted airspace. Incoming planes have been diverted outgoing planes have been kept on the tarmac. It's unclear how long this shutdown will last. It's been a terrible holiday for the airport Gatwick already grounded all flights for the past two days because of other drone sightings, they reopened this morning police and transport officials said that the extra measures had been put in place to prevent drones from intruding the air space, but it appears that has not worked. Back here in California, governor Brown suing to protect one of his signature actions office voter-approved measure allows most prison inmates in this state to seek earlier release and participate in rehabilitation programs now the outgoing governor's lawsuit is challenging appending twenty twenty initiative that seeks to toughen criminal penalties as part of an effort to roll back those reforms remember you can hear KNX on the FM. Dial simply go to one zero one point one FM HD two or on demand by downloading the radio dot com app. We're everywhere that you are government shutdown possibility is still looming president warns a very long government shutdown. If Democrats oppose a Bill that includes border wall money. The Senate has begun a procedural vote to take up the house passed Bill. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, urging approval of the Bill. He says the Bill is neither radical nor difficult to explain we have in depth team coverage now at eleven twenty. CBS news special report, President Trump is completely dug in on his demand for border wall funding in his spending Bill that would avoid a partial government shutdown tonight. But result in thousands of government furloughs possible that we'll have a shutdown. I would say the chances are probably very good because I don't think Democrats. Care so much about maybe this issue, while Senate Democrats say they care they also say they won't support a house passed Bill that includes that wall funding, and that increases the likelihood of the midnight shutdown CBS's Steven Portnoy with what's at stake. It's important to keep in mind. Why this would be called a partial shutdown? It's because congress has already appropriated funds for the Pentagon, the VA HHS education energy and labor departments among others. But funding would run out an assortment of other agencies, including the State Department treasury Justice, commerce and transportation NASA, for example, would be subject to the shutdown, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would stay open CBS news special report, I'm gonna Rakoff it's eleven twenty one. And of course, stay with k next for more of our in depth team. Coverage of the story. Of course, the deadline midnight eastern tonight, nine o'clock, our time for the possibility and the strong possibility now is the president puts it of a partial government shutdown. Gonna check your money. Now, here's Frank Motech. And another special report here with the Dow up about three hundred earlier than down about two hundred. We're seeing wide losses. Now do cap off. What's been a very rough week for the major stock market averages down about eleven percent now for the month of December. And without a substantial gain over the final days of trading this year. It looks like the major averages are heading for their single worst month since October of two thousand eight when the market was being battered by the effects of the global financial crisis. That led to the great recession. Of course, the concerns about a possible government shutdown appear to be rattling investors today along with higher interest rates and other concerns tech stocks leading the way lower led the way higher this year to record highs. The Dow right now down one seventy NASDAQ down one twenty two the S and P five hundred down twenty two points.

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