Senate advances bill to end US involvement in Saudi led war


Majority of US senators have rebuffed the Trump administration and voters to end American support for these Saudi led war in Yemen. The vote follows the Saudi government's murder of a journalist Jamal kashogi on the White House is choice. Nas to sanction Riyadh over it. The Bill would still need to pass through the lower highest provoke any change in direction by the US government in the Philippines. Three police. Officers have been convicted of murdering a teenager as part of president Rodrigo deters war on drugs. They received sentences of up to four years each for the murder of seventeen year old kion Delo Santos last year. A total of five thousand drug dealers and users have been killed by police since the president started encouraging them to do. So in two thousand and sixteen under Georgia has elected its first woman, president salami Zora. Bush Philly is a former diplomat who was born in France. Two exiled Georgian parents her candidacy was supported by the ruling Georgian dream party. Although a new constitution means the president is a rubbish cities rule will be largely ceremonial. This is the globalist. Stay tuned. Eights nine twelve in Kiev, which Moscow is accused of stirring up tensions. They sign after the Russian capture of three Ukrainian ships on Sunday with twenty four Seder's taken into custody. Vladimir Putin says the Ukrainians were clearly in the wrong and accused his counterpart Petra Porsche Anco of trying to drum up support head of his bid for re election or president poor Shangqiu is talking about war declaring martial law in ten regions close to the border with Russia, including the dome bus from where I'm now joined by the freelance journalist, Ian Bates and welcome to the program. Ian, how things changed where you are in recent days? Currently in dumb bus. But yesterday, I was in hockey, which is where the second largest city in Ukraine is also one of the regions where martial law has been enforced.

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