Kanji of the year reflects disasters that battered Japan in 2018


Into the next year because I mean, given that this one means disaster or misfortune, that's sort of feels like a bit of an unfortunate way to start off the new year. Summing up of the year and Japan is had an extraordinary year. We've had typhoons incredible heat wave in the summer. And there have been financial scandals the economy contracted, I think people just felt this this current to really either let's put that year to bed. It's it's not about looking into the future. You know? I mean last year's character was north Kita and that was about North Korea, which dominated the news agenda at that point. So it's just really a reflection of what what is being about people being talking about an and and it's been a succession of sorry to say, but has been a succession of disasters. So I mean, you've this one's obviously not not a great one last year's also contents. Have we seen many is chosen that have actually been quite positive quality? Cheerful. They didn't have to be cheerful. I think there's something quite sort of poetic about it. You know, people are not afraid of the the the disaster. It it sort of some things up quite nicely. So I don't think people will see it as a bad thing. And you know. In fact, I think really it means that we're looking forward to the next year and every year people get quite interested in this thing. And I think you know, across Japan, people do want to know, you know, I think they did vote for it. So they they also agree. So for them, it seems quite as sort of a positive and the early well facing the facts copy such a bad thing. Then as long as that's what we're doing monocle Tokyo bureau chief Yona Wilson, thanks for joining us here on the briefing that does bring us to the end of today's program. It was produced by Reese, James and researched by your lingo fan Gabrielle, della Santi, a Nick money's I'll studio manager was Sarah miles. Now, do join us full the briefing at the very same time tomorrow, I'll be back with you for that program as well. And due to union to Midori house today that's live at eighteen hundred here in London thirteen hundred if you're listening in New York, I'm Ben Ryland. That's the briefing by for now.

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