News in Brief 10 December 2018

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations in an historic move described by U N chief Antonio Gutierrez as a roadmap to prevent suffering and chaos the global compact for safe orderly and regular migration was adopted on Monday by more than one hundred fifty governments at an international conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, speaking at the opening intergovernmental session, Mr Gutierrez said that the Compaq provides a platform for humane sensible mutually beneficial action resting on simple, ideas, acknowledging that some states. Neither took part in the conference nor adopted the compact the UN chief expressed his hope that they would come to recognize its value for their societies to join in this common venture along with climate change. Unregulated migration has become a pressing issue in recent years every year. Thousands of migrants lose their lives or go missing. On perilous routes often fallen victim at the hands of smugglers, and other predators. Each year on ten December the world marks human rights day on Monday the day took on a special meaning as it coincided with the seventieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration on human rights. One of the key documents adopted in the first few years of the UN general assembly in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The UN mission known as you NAMA welcomed government efforts to extend human rights to all despite ongoing conflict, including the work of Afghanistan's, independent human rights commission. A new penal code and the employment of women in the civil service and the private sector acknowledging these achievements and offering the missions continued steadfast commitment. Yunan ahead tadamichi Yamamah. Motto pointed to some of Afghanistan's remaining challenges, particularly from ongoing conflict that continues to cause persistent high numbers of civilian casualties in keeping with the theme. Michelle Bachelet, the U N High Commissioner for human rights, pay tribute to lewd Miller Mikhaylov. Nah, Alexia calling her one of the greatest human rights defenders ever, MS Basha, let recalled that the activist who died on Saturday in Moscow, h ninety one was awarded the prestigious Sakharov prize for freedom of thought in two thousand nine miss Alexia was a Russian historian leading human rights activist and founding member of the Moscow Helsinki group. According to news reports miss Alex Cava continued to be outspoken in her later years criticizing Russia's annexation of Crimea in twenty fourteen. Teen saying it brought shame on my country and also denounced what she called the awful political killing of opposition leader Boris Nemstov. She wasn't intrepid defender of the rights of honorable people in Russia, and beyond and her life and work inspired generations of human rights defenders around the globe said the UN rights chief Liska Fiji, U N news.

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