NBA: Last name confusion led to failed 3-team trade


John render Willie three team trade crumbled on Friday after the confusion over the surname Brooks, Memphis that they were dealing journeyman guard. Marshon Brooks Phoenix insisted it was youngster Dillon. Brooks trade ended up getting consummated finally Saturday didn't end up involving dentists reader Brooks sons, greater trade, Trevor a razor to the wizards for Kelly Oubre in Austin rivers, ESPN NBA insider, age rewards, Naski on the original confusion. This was literally to teams who who say that the other dukedom Memphis insists that they always were talking about Marshon Brooks that they would have never done Dillon Brooks in a deal though, he's been injured. But you know, he was a second round pick two years ago. Oregon very different kind of player there. Marshon brooks. Marshon Brooks is close to thirty. And he's bounced around he's been in and out of the league. He's been overseas and back woodshed that things will work out for Trevor arisen Reza size a one year fifteen million dollar deal in Phoenix. They had overpay in the marketplace to get him on a one year deal. You take the money from a really bad team. And you weigh that versus taking probably half that stay in Houston or go to another contending team may be on their mid-level exception, and you're out of there before Christmas. So you got your money. Trevor REEs a very good defensive player.

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