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But I wanna talk about getting laser focus around money attraction and having those conversations with money because so many entrepreneurs just stuck in that place of you know, they're doing there in the trenches. And then they come back to okay, let's see what's in the Bank account, and they're having those conversations with money for short. So let's talk about money attraction, and what can we do there? In terms of money conversations with money money attraction, there, they're all sort of handed hand, but the conversation with money are happening all the time. And I've talked with people who you know. I mean, you come see sweet, Mike my relatives. You know, the they own businesses in they have false of in common. You know, vast the question, you know, do they have money issues? Do they do they bump into money conversations in their mind all the time in comparing prices in so on them, and they do so it's everybody has these conversations was money in might even be comparing to products, you know, the the green giant versus the no-name in its dollar, and, you know, the tripping over dimes to save dollars

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