Purdue superfan Tyler Trent dies from cancer at age 20


Cancer. Fan. Son. Brother. Fighter. Inspiration. Co-captain highly trip the Purdue University sophomore whose battle with cancer stirred a football team. And eventually touched a nation has done. He was twenty years old. After osteo sarcoma. A rare bone cancer had attacked his body for the third time and forced him to withdraw from school. This fall Trent was diagnosed as terminal in home hospice care who shared his story with college game day of the bond he'd formed with the boilermaker team is a student and if his unwavering desire to see them win their biggest game of the year at home against any number two, Ohio State. Is that? Thing a week after that prediction, trend traveled from home to watch his team double digit underdog take on the buck is he is in hospice at home and wanted so desperately to be able to come here and be a part of this night. Just to be here a wave of emotions. What is free? Eight. You. Trent head and especially close connection to produce quarterback. David Blount visited supported and prayed with him alongside teammates or fought through the season to me looks like and boilermaker looks like somebody who's going to fight until there is no fight. It was that fighting spirit that unflinching will captivated so many in the last months of translate in his determination to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research. His battle resonated and reached farther and wider than he ever imagined from his appearance on sportscenter, Scott van hill visits from athletes. I got him gonna tear it from the letter he received from the White House to his receiving the Disney spirited. There's always at the end of the town. Land your faith. Trance courage in the face of mortality and his message of gratitude in the midst of struggle, inspire donations to the foundation and the creation of cancer research endowment in his name. Do. Hi, Lou translate. His legacy remains. And while he never dawned answer caught passes. Never scored a touchdown made a tackle. He will be a co captain named bias teammates in over two for so many seasons yet to come. Tyler trend served as

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