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Forty percent of illegal aliens in the United States got visas to come here, and they overstayed it and just stayed in the country when they were supposed to leave. That is an enormous percentage of the problem, we need to deal not only with hairdryer enforcement, but with interior enforcement swish keep that all in mind. Start your day with Ross Kaminsky mornings five to ten on Denver's talk station. Six thirty K how. News. I'm rich Denison. The Trump administration is looking at a plan to bypass congress to get the president's border wall funds. Vice President Mike Pence says the administration is looking into the legality of a national emergency to secure border, wall funding and construction without congressional approval. President Trump in tweets is there's no doubt he has the authority but wants to deal with congress locks Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill the president's heading to the border later this week. Fox's John decker at the White House on day seventeen of the partial government shutdown. The White House announcing that the president will travel to the US border with Mexico on Thursday to make his case for a border wall. The president will discuss the border issue tomorrow night in a primetime address to the nation. The Trump administration says tax refunds will go out on time despite the partial government shutdown. It's not clear how the White House will provide those funds..

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