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From Torrance police say they have the man who opened fire inside the Gable? House bowl on Friday night, killing three men and wounding four other people KNX ten seventy speed Demetrio is live from Torrance police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. This mass shooting is being called a tragedy by police and members of the community chief fever vine with a torch. Police department says the fight the began between two people mushroomed into a major brawl inside that bowling alley and karaoke bar. One man pulled a gun opened fire evidence from the scene helped them identify the shooter who was arrested early Sunday morning. The suspect arrested in this crime is Reginald Wallace. He's a forty seven year old resident from Los Angeles. He's currently being held Los Angeles County jail with no veil. Detectives are continuing to investigate this crime and are asking for assistance from anyone who is at the location who may have video or any other valuable pertinent information to this case, it's not known if Wallis knew any of the people that were shot in that particular incident he apparently has been on parole prison in two thousand seventeen after serving a seventeen year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon. It's not known if he has any active gang affiliations right now, he's being held men's central jail. Again. Three counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder possession of a firearm. There's a long list of charges in that. And as the chief said the investigation into the sensitive still continuing. Although at this point, they believe he was the sole shooter in this particular episode reporting live in Torrance on Pete Demetrio, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. They have been back holding talks today. But teachers in the nation's second largest school district say after what they called lengthy fruitless negotiations. They are ready to go on strike later this week we have in depth team coverage. Wjr. We're absolutely ready. Glenn sacks teaches government and economics at James Monroe high school where he's also a UT LA co-chair we've been sitting here for twenty months and in twenty months they've offered us almost nothing at our patience has worn out. You know, unless they come up with a real offer a serious offer an offer that we can actually consider taking we're walking on Thursday sack says the issues go well beyond just salaries and benefits. They want more teachers hired, and they want to say in the future of charter schools within the LA USD. Monica Garcia is president of the LA USD board of education. We're balancing the need to solve for this contract and cutting the bureaucracy and pushing decision making down to school fight. If an agreement is not reached in the next few days teachers say they're prepared to go on strike beginning Thursday, Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio LA unified is far from the only California school district claiming money problems. Kevin Gordon is a lobbyist who works with most school districts in the state, and he. Tells KNX one big problem is a change in pension funding requirements to.

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