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Gentleman. I always show you wake up one day. And you wonder how how did we get here? And I think one of the best illustrate that is if you take your show. On television today or even a even a? Radio shows that are out there where they're talking about content. That would have been totally forbidden, even you know, maybe ten years ago Joshua's trail, Saturday mornings from eight to ten. The John McCullough show is brought to you in part by cruise hearing aid services. You have said you're opposed to the national emergency option in three weeks, though. I know you guys have no appetite on either side of the aisle for another shutdown. Well, how does f f Chuck Todd of NBC news? No, there's no appetite for another shutdown of the president President Donald Trump. Yeah. That president says that and I quote, let me be very clear we really have no choice but to build up our firewall or steel barrier. If we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government either shut down on February fifteenth again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the United States to address this emergency and quote, so while f Chuck Todd of. NBC news is fairly sure that Republicans Democrats, and maybe even the White House have no stomach for this situation. That is another another shutdown. That's not what the president's saying eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three WD TK. It's the John McCullough show, Darryl would sitting in Casey's listening to the program and Fowler. Casey. Thanks so much for calling your comment. Tonight. Okay. Thanks. What you're talking about? The fair. Or like rod. I Tim Rogers probably rolling over in his grave. Thinking what the industry of journalism has become. Democratic again, though. But you know, I want to talk about the. I wanna talk about the shutdown ramifications. Obviously what the union coming up. I still don't know who the Democrats are gonna roll out there with the guy. But I'm looking at it. Right after the state of the union. On the table him the largest bargaining chip. With the whole wall situation. It can go. Lonzo. Are you willing to secure the job until September or the? Whereas the air, traffic, controllers and the coast guy. She's not to do that. Even before the February deadline that means she really doesn't care about American workers. Because if she does if they see are going to protect those job how you're talking literally not offensive job. Thirty days. Oh. You know, twenty percents and now I'll just say. Of the six hundred thousand non-essential that have been furloughed after thirty five day. And if the Democrats are willing to take. All right now, I'm gonna go with national emergency. You know? But you're not getting twenty percent of your workforce of bloated government. So you get the win. And I just look at it. He's been with those three. Oh, two. Via the FBI CIA, whatever I feel is this new AG. And that happened right after the union get around this. You know, now the Democrats on the defensive because they're gonna go. Oh my God. Washington hopes is that. Turn it on to Obama. And Hillary to say, why did you abuse? Our why did you wander information while did you lager money through uranium one? Do you know? Fusion GPS. Now, they're going to be on the defensive as opposed to the offense. And I just love the House Democrat not eating any intelligence members. There. Committee. So now Shifa stock. He can't do anything until the members are seated in that committee. Well, Casey, I hear what you're saying. You've said quite a bit much much more than our initial query which would with regard to the border offense the policy related to immigration or the border, and whether or not another shutdown is imminent, but I appreciate your call and the time and the wealth of information you shared eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five eight hundred nine to three W D T K, but he did allude to the the. The fake investigation by Robert Muller, Robert Muller's Russian collusion investigation, which has essentially turned up nothing with regard to the president of the United States. And remember, that's what we were going after here real proof real evidence of whether or not the president of the United States during the campaign, colluded, whatever that really means with Russian authorities to somehow gain the election system and rigged in favor of a Republican victory for Donald Trump. Now, that's tall. Order even the former president of the United States the rock Hussein Obama said that that was not possible. And he's right. Our system of elections is far too decentralized for anything like that to happen, but you can take a look at activties that have taken place. Elsewhere in the social media space on places like Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites. That may or may not be involved in stacking the deck for or against any particular candidate. And you still cannot come up with any evidence of whether or not the election was tampered with a between, Donald Trump and the Russians. So what has happened is? We've seen a dragnet by the Muller teen cast over people who were associated with the president. But have in no way, given any information that would indicate that they or he was involved in efforts to try and overthrow a presidential election in this case, the twenty sixteen presidential election. Roger stone's out on the street talking about it. Now after being busted in an early morning raid by the FBI is one of those people caught in that dragnet. And I get the sense that he's trying to give us a feel for the political flavor that's involved in these events as opposed to any real integrity or any real claim to legitimacy about a Russian collusion investigation. With regard to his arrest late last week in an early morning raid and his booking and subsequent release. Mr. stone spoke out today talking about this is nothing more than a a raw abuse of power. Is there is this frustrating? Yes. It is frustrating because it's a it's a raw abuse of power in the fact that a CNN reporter was allowed to film my arrest when the seat when the street was sealed off, and the fact that the CNN producer in question is a former assistant.

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