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Police release sketch of suspect in deadly shooting of 7-year-old girl


Are late developments in the deadly shooting of a seven year old girl in Texas tonight. Jennifer Shanley and says we are getting our first look at a possible suspect, Janet. Good evening. The sheriff's department has just wrapped up news conference or moments ago. Belief composite sketch of the believe donman they are hoping that this will lead to the arrest of the man who shot and killed that little seven year old girl. Here's smile for the first time the only eyewitness to the shooting bit claimed the life of jasmine Barnes, her fifteen year old sister, Alexis is talking he was white and blue is melody because he had a hoodie on. So I can see hair. Nothing. Like, Alexa, says the driver of the red truck captured in this grainy image had a five o'clock shadow not a beard as the family copes with what happened. There's been an outpouring of support from celebrities like actress Gabrielle union and the daughter of Dr Martin Luther King junior Bernice king hometown Houston Texans wide receiver. John Hopkins tweeting the jasmine space reminded him of his own daughters. I'm pledging my playoff check this week to help her family with funeral costs. He wrote on Saturday. I will be playing in your honor jasmine GMT out his gun. Jasmine's mother look Porsche Washington who was hitting the shoulder doing the Sunday shooting is still trying to understand why the gunman. Opened fire. Do you think this could possibly be a hate crime? Yes. It was a black person. And it was oh why person doing the shooting? So I don't know if he's out here. Fake, you know, doing this because the getting off to it or whatever it is. But he's taking innocent lives in.

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