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Dismissed or quit depending on whose version of events. You follow? Officially Tom dependent gone will continue to do what it always does. It will stand on a wall on defend this country to the Admiral Stavridis, some what if you could just sort of use your navel and strategic background in the context of China and a book that you have recommended called on desperate ground, and what we should take away from reading this book by Hampton sides about China and understanding them, not only from a military and trade perspective. But from a political and cultural perspective. Yeah, terrific question. The book is about the Korean war, and it's a cautionary tale for modern times. Right. In other words, we know what? War on the Korean peninsula, would look like hundreds of thousands if not millions dead that was before there were nuclear weapons involved. So a we ought to take the cautionary message and be we ought to. Remember when China's back was pushed to the wall by MacArthur with US troops surging north. They responded they responded hard. They pushed us all the way back down that peninsula. We should not underestimate China's will in a military conflict. So I wouldn't say we're quite on desperate ground yet between the US and China, but skirmishes lead to wars we need to be very cautious and careful in how we deal with China. So what is the scuttle butt among your colleagues and other officials in an outside of the military about the future of the United States role in the Pacific. We need to remain engaged to walk away from the Pacific takes away from the economic engine of the earth on the other hand, we have got to find a modus Vivendi with China, and I'm particularly concerned this week with the exchange of messages, if you will between president gee of China and president sigh of Taiwan in their New Year's messages. They went back and forth about unification that could be a real flash point in twenty nineteen. That's been relatively quiet over the last decade. I, of course, identified you Fletcher school. And of course, you exited tufts and Fletcher school here after five years herding cats known as a faculty, and I would love to know within the vogue of international relations. What was your biggest surprise for students within the international relations after five years? It's Fletcher it is so in now to do international relations. What's your message to students undergraduates graduates, and their parents who want to pursue are? Number one by far is that international relations gives you an opportunity to serve to serve your country eventually in the military, but in the diplomatic core at the Central Intelligence Agency. In international business is a form of service engaging globally provide service to the world, and I'll close by saying our students focused in particular, Tom on his shoes of equality, globally and the environment, and it's very idealistic space for students to be in. And I think is a very powerful one in today's world. Thank you so much greatly. Appreciate it writing for Bloomberg opinion as well. Former NATO supreme allied commander as well. I thought his insight there on Taiwan is fallen beneath radar. That's over though. It's on a lot of people's radio. But within the markets that we folk. Focus on that was really suggested a geography lesson to get out and just start plotting the actual distance between China Taiwan and South Korea and North Korea and Japan. It looks a lot smaller than the Gulf of Mexico, and I talk about book here. Please my book of the summer, folks. Robert Kaplan, Robert d Kaplan, the return Markle's polo world, and if you're really motivated, his previous book Asian cauldron is about the geography, Mr Fox just talks about how can we think about these issues? If maybe we know the map, but even better if we actually understand the distances between these different countries and putting you're so right about that difference between Formosa from another time and place in China as well futures a negative twenty four Dow futures negative to thirty eight the yen one oh, seven seventy four. Now, let's go to Mr Michael Barr and find out what's happening in the world. Mr var. Thank you, ma'am. Thank you, Tom. The new members of congress will be sworn in today. Democrats will take back control of the house while the Republican majority in the Senate grows by two in total. One hundred twenty seven women were served in the one hundred sixteenth congress being sworn in today. Do members include several I such as the first two Muslim women from Michigan and Minnesota they'll take the oath of office on a Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. We'll also see the first native American women and the first African American women from several states US ambassador met with Paul. We learn the American arrested in Russia accused of espionage wheelin, a former US marine is being held in one of Russia's most notorious prisons global news twenty four hours a day on air and then tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg com. Kabar? Thank you so much again futures negative twenty four Dow futures negative to forty three lifted yields off yesterday to sixty four in the ten year thirty year bonds still under three percent two nine six percent. This is Bloomberg. 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