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Andy was on FOX this morning with Bill Hemmer. Right around eleven o'clock about an hour a little over an hour ago. And. He's read the indictment of of Roger stone. I'm assuming everybody knows by now that stone was arrested in a pre dawn raid much like the predawn raid captured Elian Gonzalez and sent him back home to the communist paradise of Cuba. Roger stone's asleep. And no doubt. This is an Andrew Weissmann move armed agents stormed into his home down near Fort Lauderdale at six am. Roust him from band and arrest him under an indictment for lying to investigators. Roger stone have not committed a crime until the Muller investigation began. Roger stone had not committed a crime on till they began questioning him. Some of you might say, well, no, no, no rush on the indictment. The Muller investigation were not up and running. And if if the Muller investigators had not talked this Rogers, thunders, no crime that stones committed here, and there's no crime alleged that he committed these crimes are process crimes in the media knows it the left knows it. And they're trying to say doesn't matter these crimes and every one of them is a new associate Trump that is linked to Trump and Trump is going down, and that's what they're sticking with. And that's what they're running with even though the investigators have known there is no Russian collusion if they were filled with integrity. They were honest. They would've told the American people a year ago, there isn't any collusion. There isn't any collusion with the Trump campaign and Russia, we haven't found any because there isn't any and could've continue their investigation into whatever. But they didn't why did they continue this fraud? Why did they continue this masterminded? The effort to convince the American people that the Russians changed votes and tampered with voting machines. And had an impact on the outcome of the election. They have done this on purpose knowing that it didn't happen. If anybody deserves to be investigated here is the investigators and the people who appointed them they say that stone lied to investigators. So did Hillary Clinton for crying out loud, soda and half a Hillary Clinton's campaign staff? Look at this headline. This is daily caller December four two thousand seventeen over a year ago. Top Clinton aides face no charges after making false statements in the FBI. The FBI agent who was fired from Robert Muller's Russia investigation team for sending anti-trump text messages conducted the interviews with to Hillary Clinton aides accused of giving false statements about what they knew of Hillary's private E mail server. Neither of the Clinton associates, Cheryl mills or Houma Avidan faced legal consequences for their lives for their misleading statements, which they made an interviews last year that would be two thousand sixteen with FBI lead agent. Peter Struck stroke smirk. However, Michael Flynn, former national security advisor pleaded guilty last week to lying during an interview when struck strokes Merck didn't even think he did lie. But that didn't matter the molar. Muller wanted to turn everything upside down and tell Flynn alive or not we're going to send you to jail. We're gonna destroy your family. We're going to ruin you financially unless you give us what we want. Not only were Cheryl mills and Houma Abedin exonerated for telling lies. They were Cheryl mills was allowed to act as Hillary's lawyer. So Hillary had attorney client privilege during the interview what struck strokes Merck. Roger Stalin committed a crime. Only after Muller's thugs began talking to him. Same thing with general Flynn. Michael Flynn didn't commit a crime specially related to any of the so-called collusion. And pretty much the same thing with Manafort if you look at the indictment of Roger stone nothing in there to do with Russia or Russia collusion. He's accused of trying to get. The stolen emails mcgeown Savio WikiLeaks. Every journalist under the sun was trying to get hold of those. That's right. Roger stone's been indicted for trying to get hold of what WikiLeaks head. Everybody wanted to get hold of what leaks head. He's accused of making false statements about WikiLeaks before congress. These false statements are based on inconsistencies in his answers. Yeah. If somebody sits around ask you the same question fifty five to one hundred different ways, I guarantee you. You're going to have a bunch a different versions of your answer. Remember when Trump said, hey, Russia, if you're listening, maybe you can find it thirty thousand Hillary me. I joke that that Trump obviously was telling. In a in an attempt to to goose these people. Think theoretically go after Trump now because he was doing the same thing that Roger stone has been indicted for doing trying to get hold of the emails from John Podesta that WikiLeaks head. Well, here's what Andy McCarthy said about this on FOX little over an hour ago. The question Bill hammer you woke up this morning. You saw guns drawn at Roger stone's house in Fort Lauderdale. Number twelve somebody number twelve. Three. Two one. I read that indictment, and what it says to me is that the special counsel and the FBI have known for at least a year probably much longer than that that there is no espionage conspiracy. And there was none between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign and because of their obsession for investigative secrecy. The thing that the country should have known the country hasn't been allowed to now. It's been a situation where we've operated under the possibility that the person we elected as president was suspected of being a Russian agent. They've known that wasn't true for a very long time. And they had an obligation to correct the record. Now, Andy has known this independently we've known this we've non there hasn't been any collusion since this began we've known that this was a hoax and the get go. But go back to Andy says here, I read the indictment of stone. And what the indictments? Says to me is the special counsel, and the F B I have known for at least a year. Probably much longer than that that there is no espionage conspiracy. And there was none between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. He went on to say that this is completely outrageous that the country has been Royal the country's been turned upside down the country has been divided into partisan camps. Like, we haven't seen since the sixties all on a false premise that. The investigators have known was false for at least a year and maybe over a year during the interview he cited a Komi interview before congress in March of two thousand seventeen which pretty much indicates that they knew there was no espionage. And that's why they were planting spies in the Trump campaign to try to create espionage. There never has been any. And so this this is a. I don't know how to characterize this. It's so much more than a disservice. The investigators have known that. And they've sat by and they've watched all of these leaks from their office. He published as fact that Trump colluded with Russia that the evidence is just around the corner. We've had all these indictments of all these people, but not one of these indictments allege is anything to do with what everybody's been told happened every one of these crimes every one of these indictments is of criminal activity. That would not have happened were there not an investigation. Roger stone. There may be a lot of people don't like him. The guy's gonna political operatives Nixon days he worked for Nixon. So that's one that's one black Mark against the guy. He's very public and he's very brazen. And he's very easiest sticks. His chin out dares you to hit him. He prides himself on being all kinds of tricksters, and and other techniques to the people for whom he's working. And so he's despised much likely out. Water was despise these despise much like Roger Ailes was despised. Simply because they were effective and work for the other team. But he had not committed a crime until Muller's investigators began questioning. And that's all we've got. Now. Not the swamp. The Washington establishment's recite itself the media can barely contain itself. It is it is so excited because they think that with every one of these indictments for getting closer and closer and closer to Trump. But the real thing about this is that there has been a false narrative that has been allowed to exist. That has been promoted. That's been encouraged the belief in it has been encouraged by the very people who know it didn't happen. And I'm at my wit's end as to how to deal with this. Beyond calling people's attention to it. This is not the kind of thing that growing up. I mean, you read novels, and you you see movies about this kind of espionage. But when you really think about it. This is not the kind of injustice that actually happens in the United States. We have too many decent people in too many high places have too many checks and balances we've got. Too many safeguards in place to to prevent the runaway wanton targeting and destruction. Of political opponents. But apparently, we don't. And it is. About reached my limit here in having an ability to express, my anger dismay? An outrage over this. Play sound bite number twelve again, not the whole thing. I just want you to listen to the first couple of sentences here from Andy McCarthy who by the way. Andy's former prosecutor the southern district of New York. He has great reverence for the law, and these legal institutions, the FBI the department of Justice is a former employee there, and he's not a never-trumper. But but he's he's not all in on Trump. Like, I am. I'm just trying to give you a foundational understanding Andy's in a straight shooter straight down the middle of the laws. What counts to him? That's his chosen field. He's is beside himself and distressed over. How all this has happened. He used to respect all these people. Call me. It's mystifying to to a lot of people that the safeguards that everybody is thought that are in place here just seem not to exist. But listen again to the the first couple of three sentences here I read that indictment, and what it says to me is that the special counsel and the FBI have known for at least a year probably much longer than that that there is no espionage conspiracy. And there was none between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign right there. And what's your this digest that? I read that indictment and what it says to me is that the special counsel. And the FBI I've known for at least a year probably longer that there is no espionage conspiracy. And there was none between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. So what actually is going on here? He went on to say just to remind you that they've known it. Their obsession for investigative secrecy has prevented them from. He to say there should have been a preliminary report for the good of the country to turn down the temperature on all of this. They read the news. They watch the news. Hell these people in the investigation have been feeding the news these people in the Muller investigation, aren't the reason? We have this partisan divide. They couldn't have calmed this down. They could have told that in an interim report not the final. That there was no collusion. But then if they do that there's no reason to exist as far as they're concerned. And remember the objective here is to get Donald Trump, not Roger stone and not Michael Flynn and not Paul Manafort, let me take a break. We'll continue after this time. Rolls.

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