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Turn their hazard lights on to keep industry and safe. They're considering a proposal offered by councilman Ron manure that would encourage drivers to activate their emergency lights whenever a pedestrian in a crosswalk drivers on the mainland have been doing that. For some years. It alerts drivers travelling in other lanes that even though they may not see someone a pedestrian is indeed crossing a multiple lane highway opponents of the plan fear that instead of stopping other drivers might just go around those stopped vehicles. I regretted number of pedestrians were killed last year across Hawaii authorities in Hawaii county, you're preparing for protests to top Mona KF opponents for the thirty of the thirty meter telescope say they will block construction vehicles from accessing the site much as they did when ground was broken on the project in two thousand. Thousand fourteen the one hundred eighty foot tall observatory has been the subject of outrage from those who consider the site where it's being built sacred to native Hawaiians airlines flight from New York was diverted to San Francisco yesterday. After a flight attendant suffered a medical incident and died friends confirmed the male flight attendant who has more than thirty years of service was stricken as the flight over the Pacific flight fifty was then diverted the flight left. Totally Lou at four twenty pm and continued to from San Francisco to New York at eleven forty five pm. The World War Two valor. In the Pacific memorial will remain open during the government shutdown thanks to donations and pledges from tourism industry as well as private citizens enough money has been pulled in to keep the USS. Arizona memorial open through at least February eight NewsRadio eight thirty news center. I'm Jillian

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