Roger Stone charged in Russia probe


In the Russia probe with eight o'clock report and Brian combs. And I'm Ricky chino wrote. Breaking now, he's worked on presidential campaigns for years man who advised Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bob Dole behind bars this morning on charges related to work that he did for the Trump campaign. Roger stone's been one of the targets of the special prosecutor's investigation of election tampering. Russia has been charged with seven counts what kind of obstruction and six counts involving false statements and all deals with what he knew about the WikiLeaks dump in terms of damaging information about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's emails hacked as well. And what he was providing in terms of information about that. They're basically claiming that he was misleading to investigators and others when asked about these particular questions, that's ABC's, Tom. Thomas President Trump says he hardly ever spoke to stone. When he worked for the campaign and says that he played no role of any kind in the election. Trump campaign says that stone was fired in August. Twenty fifteen

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