The Scene at Sundance Film Festival 2019


One of Utah's most famous events the Sundance film festival kicked off yesterday. James Nelson rights runs broadcast based in Salt Lake City joins me now to tell us more of this year's edition of this event, one of the largest and most famous independent film festivals in the world. Welcome to the program. So James, could you I still about the selection of films in offer this year will thank you Marcus great to be with you across the ocean. There I'll tell you what fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty nine films were submitted. That's an all time record. And it shows you how much Sundance is growing over the many years decades related it's been in existence, but the number of films that finally make it to the screen for the people to come and see and for the Hollywood folks to take a. A close look at is only one hundred sixteen. So the odds are not good that you'll make it into Sundance. But Marcus if you do oh my goodness. Sundance is a heck of a trampoline or springboard to get out there in the world and make some noise exactly what I'm wondering. I'm wondering what the films that are making noise this year. What's going to be the biggest to discussion topics? What feels like going to be creating most of us. Well, you know, one that has ties to Utah believe it or not is a story about a serial killer Ted Bundy from decades ago that film, you know, has got a lot of people talking. And by the way, a little side note on the movie, it's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. That's the story about Ted Bundy a side note is one of the Metallica performers is got a cameo appearance. He plays a Utah highway patrolman, but that story has got a lot of early hype and buzz because it was such a horrific event. And yet that story still haunts Utah, Colorado and Florida Florida being where Ted Bundy was finally executed in the electric chair electric chair some years ago, Marcus this you'll feel them recommendations, by the way. I'll tell you. What sonia? The white swan would be a recommendation that I would make this. This is a true life story directed by an so it sqi it chronicles Sonja Henie one of the world's greatest athletes. She won three gold medals ten world championships. And she was by the way, the inventor of figure skating as we know the beautiful sport today. She goes to Hollywood, this is sort of the film that script becomes very rich. She becomes even more famous. But then like a skater slipping on ice, she falls in that movie has a cold is the ending. However, it might be Sonia's. The white swan it might be her best performance. So that's a mystery another one I wanna tell you about. Very the last tree is a film about a British boy of Nigerian heritage raised in Lincolnshire. I don't know if I pronounced that correctly markets, particularly thank you. He's got a lovely life. In a pretty darn good neighborhood with foster parents things are going along quite well. But then the real mom shows up, and she grabs it takes her home to a flat much different neighborhood much different field for this youngster in with all of those big differences. The boys lost he struggles and distances himself from both mothers, just so he can go out into the world and try and find

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