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Global growth the s&p down for only the third time this month. Paul Nolte is portfolio manager at kingsview asset management betting treated is certainly having an impact here in a slower. China is a slower global economy, and it will filter through and eventually make it back to you shores. And then I think is really what investors are looking at the S and P five hundred index dropped thirteen points down five tenths of one percent. Dow Industrial's down Eighty-six down four tenths of one percent. The NASDAQ composite index was down sixty five points, a drop of nine tenths of one percent in New York. Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. All right. We're thirty four past the hour. Let's get to Hong Kong. Bryan Curtis is they're looking at market action. Not a lot of doom and gloom. Which is surprising. Right. Yeah. I chalk it up to Citi group actually because the way that CitiGroup traded. It's earnings were okay. Not great, obviously fixed income trading was weak, but it's emanate advisory and some of the trading operations. I mean, the treasury operations did pretty well, and it gave an upbeat forecasting that trading. Looked a lot better here in the past few weeks. And if you look at the Nikkei, you mentioned that it opened lower. In fact, we're expecting everything to be a little bit lower today. But the Nikkei up about two tenths of one percent financials in Tokyo or up nine tenths of one percent technology stocks up seven tenths of a percent healthcare is benefiting as well. So it seems that that this is the pattern that has has developed here in the last thirty two to forty five minutes that investors are are going with the city read and still going with last week's trade, which is slightly better conditions. The possibility of of a trade deal between the US in China. And also the fed that is seemingly. The on pause. I think we mentioned as well. That Richard Clarita was saying perhaps you'll see fewer than two interest rate hikes. That's a possibility at least. So let's run through the numbers. The Nikkei up two tenths of a percent. Asx two hundred up three tenths of a percent. New Zealand up about one tenth of a percent, and the kospi is now pushing one percent gains the dollar is weaker that helps doll yen one hundred thirty four year old one fourteen seventy four the OSCE back over seventy two cents and the yield on the ten year. Two point seven zero percent. A quick note oil is higher that maybe leading four tenths of one percent Paul over to you. All right. Thanks, brian. China's sentencing of a Canadian man to death has been called arbitrary Justice in retaliation for the Weiwei arrest. Bloomberg's back global news in the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom. Ed. Yeah. Paul, right. Canadian Robert Lloyd Schoenberg has been sentenced to head been sense to fifteen years in prison last month for drug smuggling. Now, a judge on appeal suddenly has sentenced him to death. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strongly condemning the action as retaliation for the rest of while way. Executive men want you saying the world needs to watch Beijing's use of the Justice system closing in on the vote on Brexit, e you deal in parliament, Prime Minister, Theresa may says MP's have to do the job that they were elected to do on all sides of this house, whatever you may have previously concluded over these next twenty four hours give this deal a second, look, but opposition labor leader. Jeremy Corbyn says no that's not right. We were promised the easiest

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