Ex-Steelers OC Bruce Arians says Antonio Brown isn't same player Pittsburgh drafted


Of Antonio Brown. And he was the offense coordinator at one point in time before leaving Pittsburgh. And then joining the staff of Chuck Pagano in Indianapolis, and then becoming the colts interim coach as he battled cancer Picado dead and successfully thanked out and it became the Arizona Cardinals head coach. And now as the town. Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach. And that is Bruce Arians who said that he would not be interested in in Antonio Brown that he's too much of a diva. Antonio Brown is is not the same player. That the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted not physically we're talking about. Now. We're talking about everything else that comes along with Antonio Brown. Besides his ability to help you out and special teams and catch the football as an NFL wide receiver. Yeah. You know, Arians, basically said he's heard a lot of stories about as recent how he is speaking of Antonio Brown. And he said he plays as hot as anybody on Sunday. He practice really hard to. But you know, he's he's basically said as a paraphrasing. He's got him. He totally Brown's gotta make better decisions off the field as far as his punctuality and stuff like being being on time and whatnot. That's we said, so it's pretty interesting new head coach, you know, you've been in the broadcast booth for a year your new head coach of the box. This guy's a Steeler kinda. And I honestly coached them. It's you know, it's interesting to hear him say that about him. So it doesn't sound like Brown be going to Tampa Bay anytime soon. No. It doesn't sound like that. And that's the concern. I mean, you know, you can listen to every former NFL player, whether it be Jerry Rice and others say that he wants to be a San Francisco forty nine or that's great. I may it's great. And I do we both are in agreement TASR that Antonio Brown's gonna get traded this off season by the Pittsburgh Steelers. OB fascinating the team that he does go to am. I telling you that he's a losing player. Antonio Brown can help you in football games. But I will say that there's a lot of headaches now Brown and distractions. Yeah. Great point that Antonio Brown brings to the table that I don't know if there's a lot of NFL head coaches that are going to go out and look to embrace it. I really do. And that's the issue. I have with Brown is I don't want to deal with the nonsense. I really don't as Aaron said, you know, there's the little things that he doesn't do shop to shop to practice on time show up to meetings on time. You know, you're asked to run a hot return a walk-through run the run the hot read. What are you? What are you doing here? I mean, come on. Exactly nervous. I understand what you thought. I was going. I remember where it was funny. I mean, honestly, I it's not that difficult to it's not that difficult for Antonio Brown to handle his responsibilities. Yeah. I completely agree. I've never heard that before I was refunded. Agree with you to moves by. Yeah. Yeah. It was great. Yeah. Man. You know, I think you're going to get some coaches that are that will some teams that will wanna take that chance because how talented these days. We've all in all careers separately. You and I coming up in in all world separately. Right. I'll separate worlds. I'm sure you've come across the state me. All you've heard of guys that you may be going to do business. What guys or girls that you're going to do business? What that you've heard a lot of negativity about. And what's the first thing you said yourself? Well, I okay. This person's talented. I'm going to judge them for once. I get to know them. You give them that. You know what? I mean. I, you know, my wife always taught my son that you might hear things about someone judge them. I from how you judge them. Okay. Take defamation here. But a lot of times it could be hearsay on the advice. It is with this guy here. It's been a like him himself. He's combustible. He's tweeting stuff. Meaning it's Brown. He's been doing a lot of stuff. He's creating he's adding a ton of gasoline to these little fires that war with the Steelers in Hammond Tomlin. So if you're another coach, my point is that I do think some of the coaches or a coach will say, okay. This guy's really talented. He's a superstar. He's going to put as we going to put people to seats in the building. Okay. And and these stadiums role big he's a draw. He's going to draw people. He's a star. I so we've heard all this bad stuff about them. Just like Erin said, I've heard the stories a younger coach hypothetically might say. Well, I wanna to take that chance. I've heard the stories too. But I'm going to judge Antonio foot for what what I see we're going to take a chance on him. And that's what then you gotta hope for the best because he's gonna end up somewhere. Most you know, he's just too damn. And that's a fair way to fair way to look at it by also think that if you're having issues with a player friendly coach, Mike Tomlin, see, I I think there are guys that can't work and play for Bill Belichick. I think there are guys that can't work and play for other disciplinarians like a go back a couple years go back years ago. Bill Parcells right there. There are guys it just it just doesn't work. Now, if you can't play for a guy like Mike Tomlin, who's bent over backwards to placate you over the course of your career as you've changed with the success as your personality is changed with the money. All of that is well deserved because it's earned. I'm not talking about his personality all the money that comes his way. Tasr? I also have to look at that. Same of you have issues with Mike Tomlin, what the hell are you gonna do here? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Mike cobblers a really is he's apprentice coach player friendly code. But there will he will be playing in the National Football League next year, you'll be making seventeen eighteen million dollars a year. God bless, but there's there's a lot. There are other guys as Bruce Arians said, I think there are a number coaches to say, I don't want daddy. Deal with that. I don't want that toxic person in your locker room. That's what you don't want. You know, you don't want that. Like, I'm a bills fan as you guys know, and I I love all young quarterback. And if we gotta Antonio Brown. I think that'd be amazing. Be awesome. But I would worry that he would like inadvertently mess. What the Josh out? I would worry about that. And I think that's a fair fair concern. But I think that a lot is coaches will judge him. For what they think and and meet with him Suez heads out, and let's just I just play a little bit on Antonio Brown side. He's been with the same organization right out of college. Right. So seven eight years, whatever it is sometimes difficult to paint. Sometimes you you'll be in better behavior. When rental the people a change of change of environment sometimes could help, and maybe that's what he needs, and maybe things will change. And may maybe

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