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Smith doing our best to keep you on top. And as usual when we're sitting in in this last week of the year, we look back at some of the top stories, and we'll be doing that this morning. We'll have our democrat and Republican to talk about politics later this morning. We'll have the Oakland County executive. Mcconnell executive joining us. We'll look back at the big education stories in two thousand eighteen all sorts of things for us to discuss including the topic. So. Yeah. War is not good for anything. Right. And move was made last week by the president of the United States to finally pull out our troops in Syria. And we're talking about the weather couple of thousand that are sitting there. A good move. We have one against ISIS. We've beaten them and we've beaten a badly. We've taken back the land. Now, let's see if that's true is we check in with the distinguished professor of Iranian studies at Indiana University. Jamshid Caskey keeps us on top of stories like this one. Do you agree that ISIS is now defeated professor we we stuck with the case, unfortunately, no. And I'll pulling out of Syria that we are surrendering our allies stat codes and the free Syrian army to Assad and it took respectively direct consequence is that approximately twenty five hundred. Foreign ISIS fighters cover t being held by the codes unlikely to be able to get free and then get out of Syria and spread across the world, including the US. And what was it historically? We began the United States began airstrikes in Syria back in I wanna say twenty fourteen and ground troops. Then like there are there. Now moved in the following year to battle the the Islamic state, the ISIS that we hear that term. Correct. And we have we have mainly defeated them. But we are close to complete victory NBA. Now pulling out at the moment where we can indeed completely get rid of them by pulling out. Now, we are telling the Middle East and the rest of the world that we don't follow too to the end and the problem with that is as ISIS the remnants of ISIS. Will we group and then Davis Scotto just as al-qaeda's captured from Coniston across the world. And some are saying in the number that, for example, the president has been mentioning there are couple of like our troops a couple of thousand members of ISIS. But then there are other reports that would suggest there are more than that maybe three four five thousand if they're already there. Now, could what should we say fill that vacuum caused by the? Leaving our US troops in Syria. And that's the problem. We get out of there. Then the battles for Syria occurs between Assad and his allies the Russians and the on one hand, the Tokes wanna take parts of northern Syria and get to the coulds and as those battles occur. I would be up to regroup and restrengthen and the Knicks dangers that they could spread to Lebanon, Israel. They could move in back into Iraq. And you walk of game. And as you know is the distinguished professor of the Ryan studies down to Indiana University. Jamshid Jaski Defense Secretary Jim menace abruptly said look he was resigning after that report and the president to set this eight Twitter the message, apparently he didn't consult any of the people like the Defense Secretary after what I want to say maybe a couple of years of in a way disagreements with President Trump over our role in the world. So to speak. And this disagreement was not just limited to the secretary of the defense of the decision of apparently was made when the US president was on a telephone call the president of Turkey, and even the president of Turkey who's pushing for the US to let Turkey to more greatly surprised by President Trump's decision on day on the phone and President Trump's national security advisor who was on the call also tried to intervene and maintain a US failed. Let's keep something else in my Warren. It's not just it'd be moving out of Syria at the same time. We also movie out of Ghana gonna be cutting troops there, and that's another regime where we have the store it's a regime that will crumble if we are not present. And that would be the Taliban will return, and I hope everyone listening remember at the Taliban were. Linked Osama bin Laden in for nine eleven. All right. Hang on. Because I have to ask you about Saudi Arabia to and what's happening with that story all kinds of Middle East stories unfolding as a result of us. Pulling out the troops of Syria, but gives hundred and twenty seconds here on WJR. And we'll update you on the traffic scene in and around our town as you get up and get going on this final. Hi, it's Frank Beckmann in a back here today with the CEO of grace centers.

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