Michael Jackson's daughter Paris breaks silence on trearment reports


And drunk drunk and. Macaulay Culkin has opened up about his much speculated friendship with Michael Jackson. I wonder if he embarrassed everybody's there. Well, he said it was very normal. Yeah. He was ten years old Michael reached out to him. Michael just was this huge thing. That would defame quickly was. Yeah. Macaulay Caughlin and his dad, you know, his dad he doesn't mean bastards. A father. He was from a big Catholic family. Yeah. He said, he was just hilarious. And it was just a normal friendship brain. People thought he was unusual. It was unusual. But MacAulay Culkin hasn't spoken to his father in twenty three years, although his dad tried to twenty years ago, but all of his kids, he's a strange apparently is really bad. But anyway, MacAulay Culkin is going to be back on the big screen who Seth green again wasn't the end. SNL? He's going to do something with. Yeah. It's called change land. And it was filmed in Thailand and putting it out. So we're going to see him in that. Yes. That's green does one of the voices on family guy. Yeah. Yeah. He's been around a long time has. All right. Pit bull makes more money than Connie that made me so happy today just knowing that he's living up to his nickname of Mr. worldwide. He made thirty two million dollars. Sure he made more than a canyon. I'm just so happy about that in music. Yeah. But I am happy. Of course. What what would where would you be earning money, easy, Laura? Sneakers shoes. Yeah. He's a fantastic clothing line. Pippo wants you to still dance farm. Larry. I feel it and collar cap capper Nick said he did not talk to Travis Scott service Scotland. Yeah. Because you get that idea mothers Jenner, but when someone think to follow through on it. Talking about 'cause Colin cap 'cause Travis Scott was invited by maroon five to be at the halftime show. But he didn't wanna do it. And he was getting too much flat. Kaz too many other artists had turned it down which is a year late, by the way, they should've turned it down last year. And so he wants to see I think he wants to perform it's a big audience for him. And he said that he got the NFL to donate five hundred thousand dollars to this charity is true that is happening. But he said he called Colin Kaepernick up, and they had a discussion on said, no, not I just know Lucifer's homegirl, go ahead and say that they probably won't say anything won't get back to you. Don't worry about it. You can say it was a misunderstanding. They're all out to get. By the way, the New Orleans jazz and heritage festival dropped its lineup. It's epic. Yeah. We're looking into tickets right now Rolling Stones. It's going to be. Sponsored Katy Perry. I mean, there's Gladys Knight. Shocker Kanban Reyat, Alanis Morissette. It's really some big rig. Name's Dave Matthews. Gone to that all the time in its by the same people who did the new Newport jazz festival that people have raised about as well. It'd be fun fun. All right. Well, something to think about April twenty fifth to twenty eighth and may second to fifth that's your concert lineup. When we come back. We're going to Hollywood theatre lineup. Week two

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