The good and bad of rapamycin


Current obsession of the anti-ageing industry is rapamycin in the sixties group of Canadian researchers from Gil university set sail for Easter Island, especially inhabited speck of land two thousand miles off the coast of Chile the team collected hundreds of plant samples thousands of animal specimens and blood and saliva from the nine hundred forty nine residents of the island, but what they found buried in the dirt of Easter Island turned out to be the biggest fine of all us soil based bacteria that mystified scientists for the next fifty years, but is now known to create a special chemical known as rapamycin named after Easter island's native name Rapa Nui a growing body of research now shows that rapamycin can actually extend not just the average lifespan of mice as many drugs have already been shown to do. But also the maximum life span by up to thirty percent. But as with metformin, there's a dark side. To rapamycin part of the way it works by inhibiting excess activation of immune cells via pathway called 'em tour and up regulation of cellular cleanup mechanisms called a tough Aji. Now in addition of the tour pathway activated autocracy can indeed slow ageing and control issues like neurological diseases and genetic disorders, but as an immune system suppressor rapamycin his also able to increase risk of infectious diseases, diabetes and produce side effects, like impaired, wound healing, long talk city, an increased risk of cancer. But in the same way that there are natural compounds that can be used as alternative cement Forman. They're also natural compounds mimic rapamycin is able to do for health and longevity. One example is spurting sperm has been shown to induce similar benefits as rapamycin with no known side effects and also promotes longevity in yeast worms and mice wall sperm. Yes. Sperm is the most concentrated form of sperm being and guys stop in your wives. It also exists in high concentrations in foods, like wheat germ. Dark leafy greens, mushrooms, and smelly firm it to cheeses and of swallowing sperm or eating, stinky cheese. Just isn't your thing. Then you can simply also tap into the benefits of rapamycin by adopting a habit of intermittent fasting or regular periods of mild Cala restriction.

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