Which Walt Disney World Rides Are Better at Night


Going to talk about. What are the best rides to ride at night in each park and a long time ago. I think we did an episode on disney after dark. But this time we're going to focus in on rides and i would thank important. There's certain things well. There's some other stuff. That's cool at night like world showcase and you know some areas with cool mood lighting like tomorrowland's pretty cool at night minus the speed with yesterday land but there are certain rides that really shine at night much more so than others. So we're going to dive into that. We will go park by park like we'd like to go i think. Do you have a park. you'd like to start with magic kingdom. Of course the classics also has some of the most i would say has the most rides. Yeah it also because you know me. I actually made a list class so and it does have the most rides. I think are extra special at night. Let's start with you. Why don't you tell me what would be your first ride. That add magic kingdom that you think i think we're saying is different and or better at night. No one ever tells me anything. So i don't really have a list but i like more off the top of your head. I like tomorrowland at night. Because it's more not spacey. But just i don't know it's it's cooler at night. I like the people mover at night. Tomorrowland transit authority. I think that's really fun to do at night. Why do you think it's fun to do at night versus the day okay. Do you like it better at night. Yes why because we'll i just like the night better in general but i on. It's like darker upside and so you almost get to see more of borland as it's cooler because you can see more when it's not so light and blinding and you're just kind of high and annoyed. I would actually agree. That tomorrowland itself is better at nice way better at night in the day. It's not bad it's it's sort of unawed land in the day it doesn't come together as well as the other lands do in terms of a sort of theme look and feel it's all concrete it's a bit scattered. It's got a bunch of random neon signs even stitches. Great escape sorta still sitting there but at night when the sort of neon and spay slate stuff. We consider future. Like you know when you see movies. That's it does look better night. There's the new tomorrowland entrance sign. So yeah i would agree.

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