A highlight from The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast July 19, 2021


Ats app speaking of resources. I've been working out of college football stuff for you over at. Ats dot io checkout posted. My college football power ratings last week posted some of my season win total best bats including my spreadsheet of all of my projected win totals and all of my projected lines for the upcoming college football season over there at the website to go along with over the weekend here. A look at some new offensive and defensive coordinators that i think should have an impact for this upcoming college football season. Check that stuff out over at eighty s dot. Io and real quickly mention that that will not be doing shows with. Brian blessing the next couple of weeks. Here i'll we'll have an announcement to make next week on the shows but won't be doing anything with brian. Blessing here all over the next two weeks on. Ats radio but we'll have the better spock's coming up here monday on mondays obviously and then also another addition here coming up on thursday so with that we get into today's edition of the betters. Fox will go beyond the box score. Then take a look down the lines. Give you pick for tonight's action and preview four series for the week ahead still a lot of blanks in terms of the probable pitchers team still setting up their rotations for the second half and all of that. So not a full list of starters for those previews but still some thoughts coming up for me here at the tail end of today's show and we started to look beyond the box score in a very big weekend for offense coming out of the all star break friday saturday sunday collectively across the board to fifty two batting average. Three twenty four on base four twenty two slugging percentage saw hundred sixteen home runs hit over the weekend. Shrink percents down at twenty two point five percent and this is an extension but to a higher degree of what we've seen since the foreign substance. Crackdown with that. First mobile on june third than of course. June twenty-first actually checking the pitchers and they've continued to do that here after the all star break. Yeah the padres in the blue jays did kind of skew the metrics a little bit padres with a monster offensive weekend at nationals park. The blue jays hanging twenty rar this for twenty. Twenty five runs in twenty innings. I think against the texas rangers here over the weekend. So those suit teams did skew. The numbers a little bit here but the primary takeaway is that look. We're still sitting to forty seven with a three twenty one on base in a four sixteen slugging since that. June third substance crackdown. It has had the impact that major league baseball was looking for and again the the biggest thing here is the lower strike percentage.

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