Radicals Like D.A. Vance, A.G. James Are Purposely Persecuting Trump and Allies


Look at the situation in New York, New York. With the radical left wing. In my view, unethical District Attorney Manhattan advance Charges the CFO of the trump companies. With some minor tax issues, and they had him up. She it's $3 million using a car. He didn't report that And a few other goodies that they get as corporate executives. Every corporate executive in this country, you better go back and amend your tax returns. Normally what the IRS does a slap you on the hands they could pay interest in the penalty. You don't you're not charge not indicted. I didn't have this. Latisha. What's her ass? The attorney general of New York, who runs for office. Saying she wants to take down Donald Trump that she will use her office. Not only doesn't she recuse herself, she's not disbarred Nothing. Nothing. And then Rudy Giuliani. His law license is temporarily suspended because the New York lawyers and and others their judges. Didn't like the way he represented his client during the last election and in Washington, D. C. Not to be outdone says Well, we're going to have to do it, too, because he has a lot of license here until that's resolved. Incredible.

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