A highlight from 218: Foodies


But it's more red orangish as a teenager lawrence diary revolved around her relationship. Also food pizza not the best but good in fact you could say lauren. Her boyfriend quickly became food lovers because pizza's actually may super secret code word for sex so we had pizza not the best but good as any real foodie can attest lauren discovered. If you wanna get some good pizza you have to know where to get it. We watch tv then. He just goes. I'm going to shower. So i came with then. We started pizza in the shower but it didn't exactly work well so we went in his room. It was amazing. The awesome est. Bestest pizza but of course once you find great pizza you should be careful who you tell because before you know it everyone else will want me to me and chase having pizza mid like everyone in the group change. That's like a game to the guys. And i hate that more than anything because games aren't serious and pizza is from pure x. Radio i'm dave and this is mortified and today on the show were serving a delicious episode for the foodie and all of us from kids obsessed with southern fried treats to the teenage diary of an emmy nominated tv chef to the confessions of an angsty highschool vegan tasty buffet of shame and awkwardness. Which is ironically what they serve up at sizzler to one apetite. So my name's christina. And i'm also from ohio and i lived in columbus Pretty boring rich white suburb and we were the only mexican family in my neighborhood. Longtime listeners of the podcast might remember christina's soon ramirez from an earlier episode or she shared a memorable teenage diarrhea about getting her first period. I watched dr quinn. And when i was about to go to bed i found what looked like to be kaka and my jeunesse. All

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