Jalen Green Is a Lock to Go in the Top Four


We turn our attention to another consensus top five. Pick former or five star prospect. Jalen green he was actually ranked second in the class of two thousand twenty. Twenty two twenty four seven sports. He's a six foot six hundred seventy eight pound nineteen year old guard from california who skipped college to play for the g. league night price of five hundred thousand dollars. He averaged seventeen point. Nine point four point one rebounds and two point eight assists in thirty two minutes per game shop forty six point one percent from field on thirteen point six tips per game. He shot thirty six point. Five percent from three on five point seven tenths per game. He was the team's leading score in best three point shooter. I've seen him as high as third in some drafts. I haven't gone forth behind k. cunningham. Jalen son evan. What more can you tell us well. Yeah he's shot. Fifty five percent from two thirty six point. Thirty six percent from three point range and sixteen games at that g. league ignite level. He does have you know yes. What more can i tell you for. Most people listening there is the allure somewhat of the unknown here. I mean only the diehard diehard nba draft have been keeping consistent tabs on jalen green whereas if he had gone to college he would quite clearly be known commodity. He would most certainly play for bruce. Pearl at auburn. Had onto college. And that would. Certainly things would have gone different. I think for the tigers last season if that had been the case green himself by the way tweeted back in may he tweeted and then subsequently deleted. Because this isn't exactly the greatest endorsement for the daily. He said i know for a fact. If i would have gone to college it would have been a different talk about. Who's going number one. He might well be right. But that's the that's the that's the status of the g. league ignite program at this point and that's to be expected by the way. But hey listen you're not gonna go number one because you didn't go to college but he got paid five hundred thousand dollars and you're going to go second third or fourth and i think that's a trade off the quite clearly jalen is comfortable with

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