A highlight from Hour 1: Can They Keep It Up?


I it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. And if i were the clippers. I would be bullied. I would be encouraged by what happened in game one. Because paul george came alive in the fourth quarter after. Doing nothing for three quarters and it took a heroic play defensively by rudy gobert to ice the game. Now donovan mitchell was of course the story this dude. Oh this young brother. I mean something last year. I thought i'd seen it all donovan. Mitchell performance last year in the playoffs and by the way he and jamal murray going back and forth. It was like oh. I see donovan mitchell. One of these guys who seems to be able to elevate over his already high level when it matters most but do you remember the kind of numbers. He was putting up in those playoffs last year. It was insane donovan mitchell. He'll put his playoff series numbers up from last year is averaging thirty six book. I mean this dude. He had like a he had a fifty seven point. Game a forty eight point game or is he dropped. Forty five last night on kawai and paul george and by the way had a sleepy first half came on in the second half right when paul george was coming on and was the best player on the floor and his team won. Quin snyder jazz. Head coach on his team's performance after a close wind. Defend home court for the most part. The looks we were getting early. Good shots i thought we were a little bit rushed know and i think as the game progressed on. We settled down a little bit more than started. You know attack in the paint We have to take quick threes all the time you know if the ball can break the paint we can. We can still generate those shots. But i thought. I thought we settled in the dawn and settled in and as much as anything. I thought we threw ourselves into the defensive end. And we've talked about you know trying to continue to push the ball and move the ball when we struggle. It's when the ball stops and they're so good you know defensively on stand in front of you if if if the ball stops it it makes. It makes it a lot harder but you know we. We've had games where we've not shot it well and you know those are the kind of games you have to rely on your defense. The crazy thing about donovan. Mitchell is. He did that without mike conley and they really needed a heroic performance without mike conley because if everyone on that team his crime partner his the other guy who can make plays for himself and others is obviously mike conley. Now he's gone. And your face. Coli and paul george and by the way utah was good. Defensively coup why last shot of the game. Send it to overtime note. Gotta give the ball up here. Paul george note. Gotta give the ball up found monte morris in the corner and by the way monty with a little shot fake. I thought got rid of ghobeire go. Bare recovered just got his fingertips on the ball. And sometimes you know a

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