Flaunting Your Wealth Can Be Dangerous to Your Social Media Health

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We all post things on social media in the hopes of making ourselves look better. But there's a risk especially the last year going too far and looking tone death. So where's the line. roger chang. If this is your daily charge would be to discuss your social media. Image is seen it culture reporter aaron carson. Welcome thanks for having me. So at least in the pre pandemic world posting photos from your last trip that fancy dinner was pretty par for the course but things have changed over that last year right they have you know it's important to remember that we've long had this awareness that there is wealth in the world right. This is not news to us but social media gives us this window into it that you know. Maybe we haven't had in the past particularly depending who you follow you know in for some people it can be as for racial to look at all the kind of big cool things people are doing but at a time you know particularly like you mentioned in the past year or so so many people are barely getting by in the world. It's you know life has gotten a lot more difficult in posting your good fortune may read very differently to the people who were following you. Yeah that idea of the wealth gap. I think there's been. I think the pandemic has really shine a light on this problem. i just to give our listeners sense like how big it is because you have some reference points in your story like help. Bigger problem is that income disparity. Yes so. I think that you know one of the stats. That kinda stood out to me. The most was there. Some data from the urban institute the basically said between nineteen sixty three and two thousand sixteen families in the bottom tenth percentile of wealth went on average from having nothing to going about a thousand dollars into debt. Now you can contrast that with families who are in the top one percent in. They saw their wealth grow about seven. Fold in that same time period

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