MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos' Ex-Wife, Is Giving Away Another $2.74 Billion


Is doing some really fabulous philanthropy with the money that she got when she divorced Jeff Bezos. So she gave away $6 billion in 2022 500, different organizations. And now for the third time in less than a year, Mackensie Scott has announced a new round of grants worth 2.74. Billion dollars Good for her that she is showing the billionaires how to do it. That's right. So the latest grants are going to be distributed to 286 organizations, including major universities, arts groups, nonprofits working to combat racial injustice. Excuse me and domestic violence of some of those the average size of a grant that Mackenzie Scott is giving his $10 million right. Wouldn't it tell me would change everything for an organization could be incredibly life changing, So some of these organizations include the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Broward College in Florida and Jazz at Lincoln Center. So you know,

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