Tumult Disrupts Israeli Parliament as Netanyahu Era Ends


Netanyahu served as israel's prime minister for the past twelve years the vote to replace him yesterday in the knesset was partisan as what we see in congress here in the. Us sixty is fifty nine. Nays with one person abstaining. Laura king is an la times global affairs correspondent. She's currently in israel. And was there for the knesset. Vote that saw netanyahu prime minister. Welcome to the times laura. Thank you described that final. Vote itself the scene. That happened during then afterwards. Well as long as the lead up to the vote. I think since the very last moment that something could go haywire for the new coalition and so the vote was about as close as it could be it was sixty to fifty nine with one abstention and so i think there was just an enormous insipid relief on the part of the new coalition. That was trying to ask prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu that they had actually pulled this off and i heard there was heckling there towards holly bennett. That new prime minister. Yes when he rose to speak there was a really concerted amount of heckling from the the allies of the outgoing prime minister barely letting him finish his sentences at times his kids who are in the gallery and they were making little heart symbols with their hands. I think trying to encourage their dad.

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