A highlight from Clare Whitfield discusses her new book 'People of Abandoned Character'


I'm great thank you for having me lay. Oh my gosh you so much for coming on him so excited to talk with you today. Thank is going to be great. yeah So can you tell me about your novel. Well it set. In victorian england in the year of what it really spans from eighteen. Eighty five to eighteen eight and the year of mice. Relevance really is eighteen eighty eight because the whole story is to the backdrop of the year. Jack the ripper terrorized the city of london and specifically the senate london so all men character. Susanna is a nurse who is thirty which obviously in eighteen eighty eight with practically ancient. She's unmarried and she is suffering from grief from a tragic accident and she rushes into a marriage. She's kind of love bombed really by this wealthier doctorate at the hospital where they were and she thinks she knows what nursing hard work. And if i married a doctor. I'm going to at least be economically secure and And he adores her but almost as soon as they get married he's behavior begins to change. He grows distant. he's absent. She has to live in his house in chelsea under the watchful intense glare or his housekeeper. Mrs wakes who's a huge character in the novel and about the same time as she begins to become really unsettled and begin to realize that she's in a kind of new kind of captivity. tay the jack the ripper murders stop and she becomes more and more convinced that husband. She doesn't really know very well. He's volatile increasingly violent and she starts to wonder. Could he actually be the same person. He was terrorizing the city of london and Embarrassing the british empire barish embarrassing the establishment shining a light of the poverty of true existence of people at the end. So we have to figure out how. Suzanne is gonna find a way out with that and as soon as i read the description for this. I was like already in love with this book. Because it's so So what intrigued you about jack the ripper and this time period. I've always really loved. Am the greasy gratias of macabre specs victorian england. Because i i mean i love history anyway reuters. Do we love reading about the truth and fiction. And i love that era because it's such an era the easiest so branded it's so Marketed well and obviously it was a time when it was the british empire is it was the richest city in the world. It was you know the the headlines were all about glitz glamour and success. But actually the intrigues me. About jack the ripper so much that. I'm sure it wasn't his ohare intention. The exposed the neglect the british establishment inflicted on its own population. And the for the jack. The ripper he's not the first serial killer in they were plenty of other volume murders at the time. But i think it's the way he's still unknown and it had such an effect all well. The culture already had such an effect on exposing the truce roth of the suv brand of marketing strategy that the establishment won't see to sue of impress upon the world.

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