A highlight from 06/15/2021 - HOUR 1 - Kawhi Leonard, 76ers, KD vs LeBron


Even now some of the good news today. Maybe later in the show. Joy taylor joining me. I have so many secrets that are about to be non secrets. Maybe we'll announce them during the shows like personally you know. These are robust dynamic. Industry secrets sports secrets. How's that for. You can't go anywhere. I was unexpected. So i have been a little obnoxious with the clippers a little now. I go to utah a lot. I like utah great organization. But i said when the clippers down to. I said the gonna win this series and i feel it's over now even though it's tied at two two so i'm just going to keep up this obnoxiousness ask this. What's a friend. define a true friend. I'm not talking about. I love dolphin with her or we go. The boys go to vega's pot pay. No true friend is you kid gets in a car wreck. You need transportation. Take him to the hospital. You're sick. there's a crisis in your family. Who do you call. Who is the first person you think of. That's an ally that's a friend. In professional sports. We have training staffs for emergencies like that but when we rank great players. I always have a similar question game seven. Nba finals tie game seven left. Who's your guy my guy. Now that lebron is out of his prime is often colli leonard. The nba median fans. They love their westbrook's john wall's derrick rose's some of those guys i don't want in the arena game seven seven minutes left tied kawhi leonard. Her jaanus you don't want janas can hit a free throw embiid or k. d. or coli those guys are rarely healthy increasingly for entire series career harden. They play no defense. They'll score and give it up on the other end lebron in his prime and coli and i've said this before i'm not sure there's a better choice. He can get you a stop. He's as good a on ball. Defender is the league has. He's as good a get a bucket guy as the league has except maybe k. the game starts and don't get me wrong illnesses. Twenty load management games a year but when the game starts coli never seems to get hurt in game. He finishes it on ball defender. he's unaffected. he's got a unique personality. I'm not sure here's read any of the criticism he's unaffected. He's been in multiple big games. Yokich hasn't even chris. Paul who i admire and love has some holes in his game. He's small. He's no longer an elite defender and let's be honest chris paul's greatest strength and he's got a lot of them is really getting somebody else. A great shot colli. Leonard can guard anybody. Remember that series toronto milwaukee where he guarded janas and marginalized took him out of the series. He could go to point guard a two a three or four. Only lebron over the last ten years. You could say that lebron could guard. Derrick rose in prime. It has mvp year. Lebron could guard a four. If you've never seen michael jordan play you'd never seen youtube didn't exist. Google didn't exist. No search engines. You'd never seen michael play. And i had to describe michael to you. I would say he had the athletic ability and the flair of kobe and the efficiency of this guy kawhi leonard. He had the kobe personality in the colby flair. But the straight inefficiency of leonard. You know it's the age old question. Who do you want in the foxhole. You ever see that. Movie platoon movie platoon. Charlie sheen tom barringer. I think and you're watching that whole thing. And there's these deep discussions you're sitting in the foxhole and there's fear in his enzyme -iety but there are two or three people in that movie. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. There were two or three guys. You're like oh that guy could get hit by. I want that guy in the foxhole. That's the guy wanting the fox and that's what the nba playoffs are can make a stop can make a play. Unaffected finished games waddell around up against the ropes.

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