A highlight from Caught Offside: France-Germany, England, Eriksen and more



The european championship saw caught. Offside that's the second phone now. Here's andrew and jj debate. Oh yes that's right. The european championships on caught offside and gun lying and j. j. d. benny what's up brother. Have you apologized to andrew. I don't know what i'm supposed to be apologizing for quite frankly reu- not the man in the parachute that tried to get caught up site advertisements all over the france germany game. That was it was it. Was you crashing in saying download. Our podcast and leave us a review on actions. That is how my parachute entrance would go. It would not be graceful. It would not go as planned. It would look a lot like that guys. By the way. I should say I hope everyone's okay. People were injured today in this wild moment prior to france and germany when protesters i guess of the environmental organization greenpeace parachuted into the allience arena. And it was yet. Another surreal scene. Tournament has not been short on those. That is certainly true in this. Sport is just never lacking in the way of drama. We're sorry it went wrong. Greenpeace apologizes over botched parachute stunt at euro twenty twenty match succinct is that is that the entire statement no more but i would think there would be somewhere in the statement i would think would be what it was exactly that they were setting out to protest If it was just we're sorry. Something went wrong end of statement. I if you were if it was actually a you that was doing that the yours will be is what it is so be. We're gonna talk about what happened after that incident at the pre-game of france germany. Were gonna talk about what happened. During the actual ninety minutes of france and germany probably the marquee fixture of the initial group stage the first set of group stage matches. So we'll talk about that. We will of course talk about england. we'll talk about the horrific events which hopefully are trending towards happy ending That involve christian erickson over the weekend and the denmark finland match actually speak with jani wochit cock board of Bt sport based out of copenhagen. He's gonna join us to give us the insight from the danes. The people of denmark how they took that entire incident how they process it how they're still processing it. How the match came to be resumed in the way that it was. We'll talk about all of that with him. It's it's going to be a fascinating conversation Because that was one of those events that we'll talk in greater detail about it later in the pod but jayjay. It's it's one of those events that i'll remember for the rest of my life. I'm so happy. Obviously that it has turned out the way that it has but that period of time of not knowing but in the back of your mind thinking that you knew it was it was as gut wrenching. A of a moment as i can remember watching a sporting event. I've never. I've never felt that way watching sports before it was horrible. Yeah i didn't see it live. It was a game. I decided that. I was away for a few days. And i decided this is a game i can skip. I don't see the need to see the danes anymore. I've had enough of them and denmark and finland is one in a group. Stage is one. I can miss and so i was following it from a distance on twitter on the phone call. I have would you which again we'll talk about was one. I would not wish to repeat ever Sombre does not even begin to cut it. But like i said we will get into that later in the pod and we have a mailbag as well and i'll there's one question in particular. They're all questions. People did a great job with this with this week's nail back. But i'll throw out the first one now. Don't answer but for everyone listening. This will give you a chance to think about it for yourself so and this is also a nice gateway into what we're going to start with. Which is today's france and germany match at the euros but jj this question came from A one i said. jj andrew. I recognize this may be tough to answer. But after watching him as beautiful curler. Today i was wondering what are some of your favorite disallowed goals. That you've seen it. I thought that was such a fascinating question. So everyone out there you can think about it and then once we get to the mail bag later in the podcast. I've come up with a few. I'm sure you have a few as well. Yeah i have more disallowed goals that can readily call on. If i'm ever asked this question. I don't even need to think about then. I've had long term relationships which says a lot about me. Let's talk more about this game that that included one of the all-time great i disallow goals glued a couple nice disallowed goals both of which involves kellyanne and france and germany. And this was like i said the marquee fixture and it was so it seems like there's been some mixed reaction to the game as a whole. I know when you and i were talking. Before we started recording yukon gave it sort of like a may other people on twitter. You know you see a lot of praise for just what a high level the game was played at. I guess my take away from it is that it did not give us. Maybe the goals the number of goals that we were hoping for did not give us the number of dead on clearcut scoring chances that may be would have hoped for in a game that involved france and germany. But i'll say this and this is an element of soccer. that doesn't always get the credit that it probably deserves Jj i thought that this was defending at its highest level. Today i thought both teams defended beautifully like we know what each of these teams has an attack especially france and i thought germany. It's unfortunate that the winning goal came from matt's homos own-goal disastrous moment of defending. Because i don't think that that was an accurate portrayal of how well each of these teams defended throughout the course of this game.

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