Nutrient Timing to Balance Female Hormones with Dr. Mindy Pelz


Let's talk about like in a typical twenty eight day cycle. You know and you can give kind of bullet points with that. Looks like when we should be timing out. Maybe low carb kito kind of style. Dieting fasting and then when we need it sir implementing more of these higher carb foods or feasting and applying some of those principles. Yes it's such a great conversation. I feel like. I don't know if you're having this experience. The more i talk about women's hormones and how to time their lifestyle to the hormones at coming go women are like. Oh my god that makes so much sense. Why was i not taught this at thirteen. And it's really. It's a massively missing conversation and women's health. So i came up with something what i call the fasting circle and actually just putting it in another book that were. We'll see when that one comes out but it's finished and i'm teaching the principal on my academy and the idea is that you look at the different days of your monthly cycle. You look at the hormones that are being produced you look the organs that are producing them and then you adapt. You're eating and you're fasting to it. You can even adapt your exercise to it and it looks something like this so on day one day ten you are trying to make estrogen. That is bottom. Line your body's building estrogen up. Now what's really interesting. is that hormones. Pulse they're not like they turn on and turn off like they pulse and as you get closer today ten they polls even more so you're building estrogen and you need your brain to be healthy. You need the hypothalamus. Pituitary to be healthy. And you need to be insulin sensitive. So in that time go kito do your three day. Water fast stimulated Jesus you can clean out the hypothalamus and the pituitary but focus on insulin sensitivity. Then as you move into day eleven day one is the first day of menstruation. So basically like the pointy start mass. You know there might be some men that are listening. That are not familiar with that. I know before. I got into Into the stuff in death. I was like what what is the twenty eight day cycle. Stay one is the first day of menstruation. Right when you start menstruating. You're saying go low car. you know. Intermittent fasting maybe even an extended or partial fast in that period of time. That's really good idea. And you know what's really weird is if you talk to a lot of women they'll say. Oh my god that makes so much sense. I actually don't wanna eat once my period starts it's like when you go back to the intelligence of the body. It's already been giving you clues your whole life. You just have have been taught by society to do something

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