CNN. Tesla Sales Rise Despite Problems With Chips and China . 34 Mins Ago


Everybody power here and stay. We have quite a full slate to go through on the final day of tesla's second quarter. I cannot believe we are already heading into q. Three time flies today. We're talking about testing closing out. The quarter emptying showrooms today and delivering the first long range model s.'s. so we've seen the plaid deliveries. We've now got long range model hostelries as well i we've also got enormous chiming in a sort of last comments before q. To closes out news from hong kong. That's pretty interesting. An update on possible. Ev us federal tax credits. Some news on tussle energy Ruling on in ohio. On volkswagen and some news from canada on electric vehicles. So we'll start off with the stock. You're today tesla. Finishing down fifteen hundreds of a percent sixteen hundred zero percent to you. Six hundred seventy nine dollars seventy cents compared to the nasdaq pretty much right in line with where tesla was relatively quiet day. The nasdaq finishing down around that level. As well so as i said i long range deliveries here for the new model s. A great to see those get out. We had seen tesla stockpiling some vehicles at fremont on. It seems like some of those are finally now being delivered here on the final days of the quarter. Uh so congratulations to the new long range model s. owners and i've definitely heard some other reports of people getting plaid deliveries scheduled even for tonight. So tesla as usual going right up until the wire For the the quarter so we went through deliveries And production forecasts yesterday. I just wanted to provide a couple of updates on that. So we've been kind of tracking the sessile shanghai accounts As we've gone through the historical information shared by this account at has at times been relatively accurate. So that's why i've been sharing it. We're kind of following it throughout the quarter anyway. A few days ago this account had reported that key to sales were locked down sixteen percent. Well apparently they're not locked because now we've got a second update here today saying you it's s. q. On sales here. But the referring to sales in china being down eleven percent only and of course that's just domestic deliveries tesla has grown exports in jinan q. to So total production. In china in shanghai is going to be up but domestic deliveries may be down this account saying down eleven percent

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