A highlight from Amy Got In Her First Wreck + Old Dominion Performs In Studio + Bobbys Fianc Is Upset At Eddie


See what's happening guys. Welcome to the show. Everybody's here it's tuesday. Old dominion is gonna come in in the next segment and play so rare that someone comes in and wants to play when we start the show because most people are like we're tired. We're sleepy a it over it what i say. I'm more than studio morning. So because we're not gonna do the mail bag in the next segment. Why don't we start the show with the mailbag here. We go aliens here. Hello bobby. Have you ever misheard a song. Lyric the first time i heard just the way by parmalee and blanco brown. I wasn't to the first part and thought that's really sweet. Then he said dumb blonde. What how rude. After hearing the song several more times. I realized he was saying. Tell them blank. I literally laughed

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