Futbol Americas: Is Tata Martino in the Hot Seat?



So why don't why don't we get. Things started with the mexican national team playing against on buddha's on a friendly match up in front of seventy thousand fans erc just fyi. That's the largest grout for soccer match since the start of the pandemic scorn as draw on. You see the numbers right there. That's that that is the third willis gave in a row for the may be no. It's not looking good herk. So is it time to hit the panic button with the marino. Listen you know way better than all of us here with the mexican press is like you've lived. You are part of the mexican press this orbit this atmosphere that you always feel you know what it's gonna be like. It's panic button today. But don't panic if you're an elderly fan. There's no need to panic. I understand three games. Winless three goals. Four i'm sorry. Two for three goals against yes and we could say that. Costa rica united states. What is mexico and on dudas on. Paper are the four most difficult teams in this confederation in concha calf. Here's the worrying part that rotation those three rate their opponents we saw three goals against two goals for the us play against the same and they went winless. They had eight goals for two goals against picked up a trope in the process of absolutely fine with the younger team. So if you're a fan is a time to panic. No because at the end of this tunnel is i won't he meant is at the end of the tunnel may be what is the health of food is accepted. Accepted of the team will get better and right now on paper. You've got the most prime players the players in their prime and they're better moments in the consideration so no time to panic as of yet.

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