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Reggie miller will join us coming up in about fifteen twenty minutes from now. Phone calls are welcome. We'll get to more of those coming up the nets upgraded james harden according to adrian wootton around ski two doubtful for tonight's game five which means it's all on kevin durant. Do i rest him. How long can i rest. James harden i guess depends on who wins tonight and really what is availability is. You can try to rush these things. But you shouldn't because this could lead to something even bigger in a longer period of time. The james harden is out with that ankle injury depending on the severity of it You know he's had a couple of days but doesn't look like he's going to be playing as well. So this falls on kevin durant and a supporting cast. You would think that the smartest basketball fans would be people who played the game or maybe the analytics experts but the way things are going right now. The orthopedic surgeons might be the real experts because the nba right now. According to mclovin stands for national body part association seems like every time you're hearing about a player. There's a body part attached to an anthony davis growing james harden's hamstring kyrie irvings ankle. Joel embiid his knee. Down of mitchell's ankle trae young shoulder. Quite leonard's knee. Chris paul's shoulder. And then you got mike conley out danny green and philly dante even chen zo in milwaukee and the problem is or isn't that players are soft. I mean they play hard. The problem is soft tissue. We knew this coming around the short turnaround and there were there. Were going to be these kind of injuries. And teams and players need to have new strategies to keep guys on the court and maybe load management isn't working but that's a question for tomorrow right now. The health issue is really the key trying to figure out who's going to play for a championship this year. it's going to be the walking wounded. No the healthiest team is probably going to win an nba championship. Yama club. You just brought up a great point. i didn't. I forgot about how tight this season. It's been feels like there's less time everything. Yeah it feels that way. Last night. The clippers got the win. You had quite leonard. And paul george each scoring thirty one leonard and george are just the third duo in nba history to score at least twenty points in each of their team's first eleven playoff games. The last duo shaq and kobe. And the other duo. Also played for the lakers jerry west and elgin baylor mitchell by the way had thirty seven. So he's the first player with six consecutive thirty point. Playoff games since steph curry. Did this in two thousand and nineteen stabbing days out of the day. Dad of the day stat of the day here comes that what stat of the nascar cup series returns to nbc. One of the more anticipated events of the season. Return to nashville for the first time. In decades the race to the playoffs is in high gear nascar in nashville sunday. Three eastern on nbc. Espn update the poll results. Mclovin okay our one and two was will aaron rodgers be the starter week one. It's up to sixty eight percent. So yes the pretty much majority. We were workshop. Poll question which favorite in the nba playoffs is in the most trouble. The brooklyn nets who were the two seed versus boxer. Three the sixers who are the one seed or the jazz who are the ones he'd all. The series are tied at two two v. Yeah philly philly's got gotta be really careful here. You know tied at two games. And that's in atlanta team. That doesn't know enough to be nervous in this situation. I don't think there's a wrong answer here. Because i'm looking at the clippers and now what happens in gave. It feels like who wins game. Five is going to win this series even with philadelphia atlanta. Because i said hey phillies gonna win game. Three in atlanta's gonna win game four. Well here we are and now you have game five coming up tonight with the bucks in the nets. Well i'm going to say that that. The nets are the favorites in vegas. So are they in the most trouble. I think they put themselves. It's pretty vulnerable man. 'cause because the bucks are healthy except for dante david chen zo. But we don't know who's going to show up and when they'll show up and how good they will be when they show up with the nets. Yeah paulie in sixers last night ben. Simmons he's he was one for five from the free. Throw line one for five. No one his team. Mr freeth rather than him the russell team one hundred percent at debilitate it is. It's a it's it's one of those where you disco and everybody knows when you go to the line you're going you know. Hopefully hopefully that won't be that bad because sometimes you can miss and it'd be like a brick or that wasn't even close you want wear. It's like oh that almost could've gone an employer. Is the situation with hawks. We're gonna foul. And simmons inbounded ran the other way like he was running from swarm bee's now so eating grabbed. There's a story that. I don't know if we have you know verification on this but the the us open is going to start thursday. Torrey pines san diego and there is a a story. That's out there that the pga tour or the usda went went to bryce into shambo. He is the defending. Us open champ. Brad faxon former golfer mentioned this on sirius. Xm radio that the tour went to bryson to shambo. And said would you be willing to play with brooks koepka now. That'd be tv. They don't like each other. And according to brad faxon bryce into shambo said no now. He's the defending champion and look. I know they manipulate these threesomes or twosomes. I get that. And i would love to see these to play in an event i think in a major though that might be being unfair to bryce shambo. He's he's defending champ. If you were paired with tiger that meant you were for a championship. Now guys would talk about how it was unfair with the crowds and you had to go through a lot more and yet a crowd. That was pro-tiger. There's well but you were playing with tiger. That meant you. Were probably playing for a title. Saturday and sunday maybe brooks koepka and rice into shambo ended up getting paired on saturday or sunday but i think to be fair to shambo asking him. I think that was the right thing to do. I do because this. This isn't one of those all those guys. They have a rivalry. They don't like each other. I mean kept code definitely doesn't like to shambo and doesn't care of me knows that are not in fact he wants to know it. I don't know if shambo doesn't like brooks koepka but it feels like brooks koepka does not like bryce into shambo. Yeah paul if i'm kept just say well bryson if you leaderboard on sunday you'll be playing with me. You toxins smacker. He's a little bit. Some phone calls here. Dave in pennsylvania. Hi dave hey dp. how're you. Doing good always good to talk to you. Listen every day. Except for. When i was in vegas i just got back. Sporting and i hate to keep beating a dead horse. The aaron rodgers however always felt as the vegas knew what was going on. They have the over under for green bay at nine and a half. Now that tells me that there's no

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