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Sponsored by Caltrans. Be Work Zone Alert, Starting with a crash. Ian Sandra fell North found 11 before Francisco Boulevard that they're over to the right hands. Shoulder your travel time between Sandra fell and pedal loom on North 11. That's factoring in the slowdowns as your Approach the narrows in Nevada and then through Petaluma. It'll take you about an hour north of Calistoga, Dorton 29 After Tubbs Lane. There's a rock slide that's partially in the northbound lanes. Paper Age westbound After the toll plaza, it's installed pickup truck blocking the left lane. In San Jose is solo vehicle wreck went off the right hand side down the embankment on south bound to 80 before 7th 10 minute delays on Bard on the Berryessa line heading into Richmond to to an equipment problem on a train the next time you see a Caltrans truck on the side of the road Line of cones or traffic barricades. Remember, those are protecting someone's loved one. Help them get home safely. Please be work zone alert with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Yes. Now that we're out and about like normal people again, we're taking photos of special moments together after a very long year off. So after you take that

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