UK Health Minister Resigns After Breaching Coronavirus Rules


Britain's former health secretary Matt Hancock who has led the U. K. through the current virus pandemic resigned for breaching social distancing rules within eight with whom he was allegedly having an affair Hancock had been under growing pressure to resign after the U. K. sun newspaper published faces of him embracing his senior aide Tina contention though at work never the last prime minister Boris Johnson had earlier expressed confidence in Hancock despite widespread calls to find him Hancock however told the prime minister in a resignation letter he owed it to those who have sacrificed so much to be honest in his fate is those of us who make these rules have gone to stick by them and that's why I'm not going to resign my position in PVC pal says the failure lies with the prime minister the prime minister has a very dangerous blind spot when it comes to issues of integrity and conduct in public client coke will be replaced by former U. K. chancellor says you check Pete who recognized his predecessors hard work despite the scandal Karen Thomas London

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