A highlight from Introducing: The What?! Hip Hop Questions, Legends + Lists


You're welcome to the what hip hop questions. Legends enlists a mouse joan. And i'm not among each week on what we pose an unanswered question discussed in hip hop circles barbershops end on street corners. And each week. We help you find the answers. So who would you say though dominated ninety over x. Jake that's like crews always spent right. I loved it. You know that that that competition between exit. Jay which was amazing is almost like watching a basketball game in the lead is changing Jay z had streams last Definitely think lonzo big little a an entertainer foundationally doja cat is an entertainer. That mean especially when you start talking about the kim of boxes it was like to big box was attached to j. You know what i'm saying. And and you know what i mean so it was like. That's the world that we have deemed. We co-signed her. We're pushing this. This is what we're doing over here. Forget about everybody else. That might be out on the playing field. We sure catch the debut of the what hip hop questions legends enlist monday. June twenty-first our radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. We all the what hip hop questions legend and enlists. We are part of the black effect podcast network on iheart.

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