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Number thirteen rest and christ third quarter. Two thousand twenty one daniel duda. John is going to offer or opening prayer. Thought it it is with great pleasure that we can come together through the medium zoom to open your word and learn more of you and we will come to know you take this opportunity to just got to reveal your love to argue for life. Health and strength. We thank you for your. Was this now in. Jesus name in q. So less than number thirteen on the quarter on rest in christ. How would you conclude a quarter. Rest what do you think the blogging to say. You've me a break i would. You conclude the gary after. I'm rested. I used to get up and wanna do something. My body's more or less refresh energies backup. If i continue to resting. I board. I want to do something accomplish. Something like life is banned fulfill. Yeah thank you Bobby joe i would say to your question. There never is enough rest. It just seems like life getting faster and faster and more intense okay so before we talk about the ultimate address. Let's go through memory text when we hit the loft listen in the quarter on education. That was the fourth quarter twenty twenty. We had they stacks from first. Gordon dance to nine so like a bad coin. Keeps coming back so let me say it again. What i said before. Joseph google said one thousand times repeated lie becomes truth and to paraphrase that one thousand sometimes misquoted. Text becomes a proof text so they will go again as it is written. I has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man. The things which god has prepared for those who allow him. It's not about heaven. Let's make it clear note. No no. let's address this i. You can't have good theology based on bed exegesis now you can apply it to heaven sure but you can apply to a good meal to a good dessert. You could apply to a marriage. You can apply it to a good car your name it. But what is the original context. Anybody wants to say what is the original contests in first corinthians to what is paul talking about their. Let's read from verse six from six to nine yet. Among mature we do speak wisdom though it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age who are doomed to perish. But we speak. God's wisdom secret and hidden which god decreed before the ages for our glory none of the rulers of this age understood this for if they had they would not have crucified the lord of glory but as it is written what no eye has seen nor ear heard nor the human heart conceived what god has prepared for those who love him. Yeah interestingly as it is written anybody knows from where is quoting henry. That's a quote from isaiah. Sixty four four okay. So what does it say. United sixty four but before we go into that we need to really understand and we believe that he's talking about heaven because now he's saying god casts or really revealed all of those secrets all little those things that were not supposedly not been hurt before to be coming up to the minds of human beings that would not come to mind yes rights so when i say you're talking in sixty four. He's following the context talking about the liberation of was going to be given to the israelites. After the tv he describes kind of the benches of god. He's offer for nursey and help those living. Yes thank you. Henry wells said and so basically here. He says that ignorance of the present world ruler. I is no determining factor would go can do but in spite of the fact that the rulers are ignorant of this decided to come in the person of jesus and the cross and the message about across is going to try on. Those powers are doomed and christians. In spite of that can live the life of citizens of god's kingdom those allow him as an ultimate way of describing got speed and the wisdom that we proclaim. he's not some kind of intellectual information but it's something that god reveals to us through his spirit so that's what he's talking about. It's not about heaven now. Few secondarily one to apply to heaven. Yes you may. But he's not speaking about heaven but be joe. I think to this whole section is about how the holy spirit is like a key to understanding. God's mysteries whether it's in our context talking about the mystery of god's rest which he promises or mystery of grace or the mystery of salvation. It seems that the author is contrasting. How he's not coming eloquence speech to convince people of something but rather he stating that. God's holy spirit allows them to see things which the i wouldn't be able to see or the ear couldn't hear you can't rely on your own senses to understand this what it is. God has in store for people that's correct so there's more to life than reality that will human senses perceive and got his using his spirit to reveal that to his children. Sean yes thank you. It seems that what man has not seen in this context is the same thing that the israelites did not see. In their context as was noted in

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